Guess who's a mac?

Me I guess! Although I still feel like a PC. I suppose I'll claim either. Just like I live in the South but still spent some formative years of my life in the North. There can be a balance right?

We got our new computer yesterday - I don't know much about macs except for photobooth... so hence, that is what I did when I got home from work.


  1. Thanks for leaving a little love on my blog. You guys are the best. And about MAC's. Yeah, you got me there. As an artists, I almost feel like I'm supposed to have one, but I...this is so embarrassing...don't even really know how to turn one on and off. I don't think.
    Love you guys!

  2. (cue background music: "a whole new world" )

    Congratulations. Welcome to the beginning of a new era in your world.

    I'll show you a few things that make life @apple even better.

    Are you going to the volunteer coordinators thing w/ CNM?


  3. I didn't even know scott had a blogger name... Well, Congrats! Welcome to the club! Have you named it yet? You probably should. btw- i got that job at cwjc- its part time, but its something! Thanks for your help!

  4. are the greenwoods the #1 followers of this blog?

    I think so...

  5. please allow me to be your reference person if you need to know more! my entire life is on my mac and everything we do at church from preparing messages to the sound booth is run from mac.... apple is where it's at! i don't know if you like to keep a computer calendar, but the way you can sync programs on your new mac is incomparable!

    exciting! you're a mac, woohoo!

    have fun never paying for virus or pop up software again!


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