Year in Review

{Nashville "blizzard"}

{David gets a makeover for Nashville paper}

{discovering my most favorite restaurant, Silly Goose}

{3rd Anniversary in Asheville & Highlands NC}

{finishing first 1/2 marathon}

{Nashville flood}

{Honduras Mission Trip}

{summer fun by the pool}

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So very fun looking back on this year!  There was so much more I should have included... but as the year drew to an end... my camera and I both took a break.  Of course the highlight was finding out about McBaby and getting to tell our families!

Thank you Jesus for such a great year.  I look back and all I see are blessings upon blessings.  You are so good!



  1. Oh Blair, I just loved reading this beautiful post! What a wonderful year, and yes, so many blessings God has given you! I know that this year will be abundantly full of so many more :) I love your authentic faith and kind spirit that just seems to pour out of each picture.
    Have a wonderful day! :)

  2. It's wonderful to know the feeling of appreciation for blessings, and you had so many. That snowman is fantastic, wherever did you find such an amazing hat?!

  3. Looks like you had an amazing year! How 2011 will be wonderful too!

  4. Wow your trash the dress photo is beautiful!! I remember reading about when you did the marathon!! Good for you!! =) What a year!

    Melanie's Randomness

  5. Wow, you've accomplished SO much this year, Blair! Congratulations on a good year :)
    And you look seriously stunning in your Trash the Shoot photos - has anyone ever told you you look like Jennifer Connelly? :) Sooo pretty :)

    Yay, can't wait to see what the new year brings to you and life with a baby! :)

  6. What a year of accomplishments. Can you imagine what 2011 will be like?

    As a side note, I am new to your blog and found your "trash the dress" photos amazing. I also found your trashed dress stunning. I'm not really into fashion, but I am (someday) looking for a dress similar to yours. Who designed it?

  7. i love the last pic, thats the best i've seen so far for wedding pic. original!

  8. Hooray for an awesome year! I just adore your trash the dress shots so much!

  9. Glad you had a wonderful year! Loved all the pictures.

  10. omg you both look gorgeous in that very last photo! It looks like you had a fantastic year, love all the pics.

  11. What a fun and eventful year. I just love how you make blog friends and share each others lives. It's nice to look back!


  12. How fun! That last photo is just so stunning! You look like a younger version of Courtney Cox... beautiful. xo

  13. yah for half marathon and yah for trash your dress.

    such great photos and memories!

  14. OMG you did trash the dress!!! I'm so excited i hope there are more photos! I'm off to look!!!!

  15. awwwwwww i LOVED reading this recap! and it's kind of crazy but i might be getting a client in asheville, NC! didn't know anyone who had been there!! and of course i'll be in nashville this year too so i can meet mcbaby!! ;) it was sooo great meeting you last year!!!!

  16. That is an awesome snowman.


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