Silly Goose Dinner
{happy tummy}

David and I had a great weekend (first one in a while we haven't been out of town or had guests). Friday night was the perfect start with dinner with "the guys" at a new place for us, Silly Goose. Local cheese plate, grilled eggplant with roasted red pepper goat cheese sandwich, & coconut-citrus-curry ice cream! It was so yummy & bonus- no corking fee.


Saturday started early with a long run with a girlfriend. We set out for 8miles but managed 9.5! My golly how I wish I always had a fun friend to run with -- makes it so much more enjoyable. After a quick shower we had a service project with the church youth doing yard work all afternoon. Needless to say, I was nerdy and didn't feel at all bad for doing nothing Saturday night but blog while the boys watched basketball.

windo re-do
{who needs curtains?}

I set out to do this last weekend, but just got around to it this Sunday (story of my life). I gave a little love to a flee-market-find & paired with the one my mom found on the side of the road, our eat-in area has privacy without sacrificing light!

back to work...


  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend. 9.5 miles? You might as well have ran a half marathon! You are amazing and I love all the food photos.

  2. sounds like a fantastic weekend! that food sounds soooo yummy! and those windows are gorgeous!! joel and i need to get involved in service projects with our church.. we just started going to a new church not too long ago & haven't really gotten connected yet. we need to get on that!

    hope you have a blessed week!!

  3. I LOVE those food pics. They look gorgeous and the food looks divine. Cool stained glass window treatments too :) xo

  4. The food pictures look great. I would of have liked to try that for dinner tonight. 9.5 miles that is great girl! I really love those cool stained glass windows. HAVE A FAB DAY!!!

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  5. sounds like a wonderful weekend. i wish I had a running buddy like that. used to. but she hasn't been running for a while now.

  6. So glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend! I need to find a friend to run with. I'm up to running 7 miles and it's just boring when I'm by myself, especially since I don't even use an ipod.

  7. that sandwich looks and sounds amazing! i love me some eggplant.

    i too ran a few miles this weekend. i was shooting between 8 and 10 and did 9 instead. not too shabby. i ran alone though...bummer.

  8. Love, love the stained glass for the windows, no treatments needed.

    Art by Karena

  9. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I am a BIG fan of using old windows, especially ones with stained glass, for decor! I actually have one hanging on our porch above a glider. :)

  10. glad your blog-hopping landed you over on our place. i love the design of yours and the content. i'm off to have a look around ...


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