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I'm checking out at Whole Foods with my sister. She is thumbing through magazines and I see the top half of Garden & Gun magazine. What I see instantly triggers my memory of a design project my friend Rachel did this past fall. In the next split second as my sister pulls the whole magazine into view I scream and scare the check out lady -- it is rachel's design and she is on the cover!!! I freaked (and of course bought it). I can't believe I am friends with a cover girl...

Seriously. How cute is she?! I sent her a quick Q&A...

Q: What is the funniest response you have gotten from being on the front of Garden & Gun?
A: One guy said "I hear you were on the cover of Guns & Ammo"... YES. Those duck hunters LOVE interior designers...

Q: What is the hardest part about being an interior designer?
A: The little details. Getting every single selection perfect, ordered, delivered, fabricated and installed in time. Making sure all the right people are there at the same time - the electrician, the drapery installer, the painter, etc. Sometimes I feel like I'm conducting an orchestra.

Q: What is the most fun?
A: Renovations. I love going through a house and knocking out walls. The whole process is fascinating to me. It's easy to build something new and make it look beautiful, but to watch the inside of a house transform from something mundane to something fabulous - I can't get enough.

Q: If you weren't an interior designer, what would you be?
A: Either an event planner or a stationary/greeting card designer. Love that stuff. Oh, and I've always wanted to do a book on tape. Seriously.

Q: Something silly about you?
A: I have "animal gender dyslexia"... at least that is what Hoyt (her husband) calls it. I literally cannot get it right... Example: "Oscar is such a good boy. How long have you had her?"

garden gun

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two unrelated notes:
1. today is the hub's bday. Happy 26th to David! If you get the chance I'd love your help wishing him a good one. Head to his website {here} and give him a shout on his guest list. he would love it!
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  1. I would've screamed too! That's very exciting for her! :]

  2. adorable interview! i really enjoyed it.

    xo Alison

  3. That is so exciting! I want to get an issue right now!

  4. That is so awesome!!! I just suscribed because I have a "metro redneck" boyfriend who pretty much told me he hates modern design! AH! So when we move in together and the house becomes part mine, I have to approve it with him! So I am sooo glad I read this and found her blog! Yay! :)

  5. So exciting for her! I have a friend who is a model and its always so crazy to see her in the magazines!

  6. I KNOW! It is so cool, I saw her post on it, and I love it! She is so pretty and talented, and come on, Garden & Gun! I'm delighted that such a magazine EXISTS! XO!

  7. I love that magazine! Congrats to Rachel on her cover feature. That's absolutely unbelievable!!!

  8. Oh my goodness how exciting! Can I please be friends with her too? I mean, the whole gender dyslexia is HILARIOUS and makes me want to be her bff. This is way exciting and she is just gorgeous.

  9. This is so awesome!! That animal gender dyslexia is so funny!

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. awwww that's soo awesome that she is on the cover of the magazine! i love when my friends are famous!! :)

  11. How exciting this is! It is a lovely cover photo!

    groetjes Madelief

  12. that is so awesome! i would have screamed too! and happy b-day to your hubby :) i'm going to turn 26 later this month! (and hubby will turn 27 just 3 days later.. old man)

  13. Thanks for your sweet comment and visiting my blog! And oh my goodness, how exciting!! Too funny about 'Guns and Ammo'.. and I think I may have animal gender dyslexia too :)

    Happy birthday to your hunny!

  14. How exciting!Great interview and picture!

  15. i definitely would have squealed openly if i saw a friend on the cover of a magazine!

  16. Happy Bday David!! Have a great one!

    As for the cover girl? She's gorgeous! She deserves to be on that cover :-)

  17. i was just introduced to this magazine!! i am loving what i'm seeing so far.....and what a cool story you have here!


  18. How exciting...both seeing your friend on the cover of the magazine and celebrating your husband's birthday. Hope he has a wonderful birthday.

  19. Thanks Blair!! You are too sweet to feature me! And I'm so glad you screamed in the middle of Whole Foods- that makes me happy.
    Happy Birthday David!!!!
    Let's get together soon,

  20. Loved this interview. She is adorable and I love her work.

  21. Ah! That is so cool! She seems charming and quirky by her answers.



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