Meet Rachel


Rachel is one of my cutest friends. Who doesn't want to be her? Rachel is an interior designer located here in Nashville, and since opening her own business a year ago, this girl has been in a creative whirlwind of beautiful colors and unique designs. The best way to get a quick introduction to Rachel's world is to stop by her blog: It's stocked full of tips and inspirations. You'll just wish you could bottle Rachel up in a little genie bottle and take her to your house.

One of her latests projects was to create a room for a stylish 15-year-old cowgirl. I'm not 15 and I am in love with this room.


I'm loving the blue paisley with the fluffy. And check out that painting -- I love it! (By the way, hubs is the artist, but I promise I'm not biased).


  1. That would be a really awesome job.

  2. I agree with the person above. :D

    ps. if ya have time please check out my blog:

  3. How cute! Wow, that must be a fun job. Her room is awesome!!!

  4. she's adorable - love that photo of her. and yes that room is beautiful... on the list of many careers i would love: interior designer.

  5. wow, what a sweet job! that girl's got style. and i was checking out your hubby's website -- he is really talented!!

  6. I saw that yesterday and loved that it was by your husband! I wish I'd had a pony painting in my room like that when I was younger. In fact, I'd still love one. So great!

  7. thanks for the comment! your friend seems so artsy. cool blog! have a nice day :)

  8. Thanks Blair!! You're sweet to say such nice things about me.
    And your husband's painting MADE the room. He's amazing.
    Miss you!!!


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