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Have a Happy Weekend {dance party}


After a long week I am screaming TGIF!! I'm super excited. Sissy {my twin} will be here in t- minus 20 minutes and we are set for a weekend of fun. I've got a serious teenybopper pop dance party in mind to get the evening started... join us with this mix! Miley+Beiber+Rihanna+Our crazy dance moves = hilariously entertaining.

A quick congrats to Linda, the winner of my designer dress giveaway from My Lola Fashion. Don't forget, Tali is offering free shipping until the end of August to anyone who mentions Wild & Precious in their notes to seller! Thanks again Tali!!

What fun plans do y'all have this weekend? Any tricks for beating this heat?

{photo weheartit}

Photography Inspiration

David and I are for sure going to do a "trash the dress" photo shoot here in the next few weeks (hopefully, cross your fingers)! With best friends getting married, I have just been dying for some shots I love since the ones from my own special day are far less than perfect. I spent some time scouring the web for inspiration & am loving this bay area engagement session by photographer Meg Perotti.

Lovely, Yes?


Quick post because I feel a bit like this today:
i did not take this picture, see comments for source link
Lethargic with lots of work to get done & wanting nothing more than to escape to cat nap.
Sorry not new, but Listen to a Mix of "Wiggles Past" {HERE}
p.s. if you haven't heard of grooveshark yet, click to listen and your life might just be changed!


Gifts as easy as A-B-C

Super cute way to decorate a newlywed's home. Perfect shower or hostess gift. New babies. Masculine or frilly, initials fit the bill. Best part about all these is that even though they are from Anthro -- they are (for the most part) reasonably priced. I'm sure there are also some great vintage and etsy initials out there too!

What fun/easy/chic/inexpensive gift ideas do you have?

Miscellany Monday

{1}   I haven't "run" in forever.  I used to love it.  I love the 1/2 marathon.  I loved the 7 miles runs the best.  I loved exploring the streets of Nashville.  Now I jog a couple times a week.  I miss it & yet I don't.  Not sure what to make of that.  I called myself a "runner" a few months ago, not anymore. Or, if I am still a "runner," I'm an apathetic one -- the challenge and thrill and feeling of accomplishment have all packed their bags and headed north for cooler weather.  Is that pathetic?  Do any of you "runners" go through lazy droughts like me?

{2}  Speaking of (non)lazy droughts -- my friend Emily was in town for the the Music City Sprint Triathlon.  This is what I aspired to do after finishing the 1/2 this past spring -- but I had to obstacles: 1. I don't have a bike & 2. I don't know how to swim in a non-recreational way.  Breast stroke? Free style? Yea, not me.  I thought I would attempt to overcome these challenges, but like I said in miscellany {1}, laziness set in.  Anywhoo...It was a beautiful (sizzling hot) morning in Nashville and David, David (Em's husband) & I had so much fun cheering on Emily.  Em- You rocked it girl! Way to go!!

Quick back story -- David and I met & fell in love while working as counselors at Camp Vesper Point.  Our second summer at camp I met Emily who followed suit and also met and fell in love with a fellow counselor named David.  So the moral of the story -- if you want to marry a cute guy named David, go to CVP.

{3} I haven't seen Inception yet... I really want to!

{4} This is gross and perhaps TMI -- but I've started taking fish oil supplements.  Lots of good things about taking them, but does anyone else have some non-nice-tasting repeats an hour later?! ick!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

On Envy

i did not take this picture, see comments for source link

Is it inescapable? Will we always want what we don’t have? What is it that we get lodged in our brains that screams back at us that the grass is always greener on the other side? Why don’t we fully rejoice in others’ accomplishments and joys instead of holding back because we secretly wish it was us and not them? We spend our whole lives comparing ourselves: He/She got a better grade, a better car, an extra scoop of ice cream, homecoming queen, better paying job, better wardrobe, has more blog followers, more comments, easier life, more exciting life… Where’s the escape? Where is the turn off button?

Envy is downright tiring, depressing, & quite frankly, disgusting. Envy is a threat to our joy and concern for others. It makes a wreck of our faith. Contentment and joy cannot exist in envy. Envy is a community destroyer. I hate it! Every single day I hate it – I hate that it is in me, that I am so tied to the things of this world that I don’t allow myself to fully rest in the beauty that I was perfectly created.

My challenge to myself (and you too if you’d like to join) is to address my envy when it whispers in my ear. The destruction that abounds has everything to do with the direction of my gaze. So I will turn my eyes from the things I want to the things I have. Forget comparison; I am blessed. Period.

{click photo for source}

Giveaway :: Designer Dress from Israel

lola fashion giveaway
A couple days ago I found myself drooling over this etsy fashion designer and thought I would test my luck and ask if she might be willing to provide a giveaway for my readers. I was so in love with her designs that I thought it would be a long shot -- but low, this designer is not only talented but so generous! I'm so excited to be giving away one of her romantic summer dresses!

::Meet the designer::
Name: Tali
Where she calls Home: Tel aviv, Isreal
She knew she wanted to design clothes when: "When I was 12 years old. I was doing arts and crafts since I can remember: painting, pottery,glass or polymer clay, I was always doing something. I think it is what I am meant to do... I can't help it! Clothing has been in my family for generations, my grandmother was making hgh fashion wedding dresses, and my mom's grandfather was a tailor. I guess it's in my blood."
Inspired by: Dreams, People, Fabrics
If she wasn't creating clothing: "Maybe I'd be an interior designer, jewelry designer, or textile designer."
Find Tali on Twitter & Facebook

::The Giveaway::
lola fashion giveaway
{$75 value, click photo so see dress details}
"This dress came to me in a dream. It happens to me a lot! I'm waking up in the morning with an urge to sketch a garment. This dress was born in one day. I made the pattern, cut the fabric, sew it, and it was perfect... every season I pick new fabric for this dress and it is my best seller here in Israel. Girls just love it."

Here's how to win:
Visit My Lola Fashion & come back to let me know what your most favorite design is.
{This is a mandatory entry & must be done prior to any other entries}

additional ways to enter
1. follow Wild & Precious {2 entries}
2. add Lola as a favorite on Etsy
3. Tweet about the giveaway. You can tweet once a day for extra entries. Feel free to copy/paste the below tweet:
Cool #giveaway alert @blairita 's blog for a chic hand made dress by @mylolafashion
4. Blog about the giveaway or post a link on your side bar {2 entries}
5. Add my button to your blog

{you must leave a separate comment for each entry. for example: this includes leaving 2 separate comments for following. If you have won a W&P giveaway in the last month, you will not be eligible to win. Giveaway closes late Thursday night 7/29 & winner will be chosen via}

As an extra special treat Tali is offering FREE SHIPPING on any orders places by Wild and Precious readers from now through the end of August! Just mention my blog in your notes when checking out and Tali will reimburse you through paypal.

Tali, you inspire me!! Thank you for being so generous and gracious towards my readers. You rock!

Wiggles {fashion}

You got to love it!

Today's wiggles are obviously all about fashion! So turn on Lykke Li {Listen HERE} strut yourself down the runway (its okay if its just your office hallway, it will make for good entertainment for your coworkers), and check out these blogging fashionistas:

Yummiest Quick Pickles


These are so super yummy and so super easy. I've been eating them every day and am having fun giving them to friends too (they are so impressed and think I must be so talented in the kitchen even though, like i said, they were super easy). David said they are the best pickles he has ever tasted. I think I agree!

...the recipe...

One of the best parts about making these, is I don't think you can really mess them up. Measurements don't have to be exact and you can switch them all up to your liking. I plan on making some more this week and experimenting with different flavors (red pepper!). The recipe instructions don't include jarring them -- if you do this, you'll need to make a lot more of the mixture to fill the jars. One piece of advice... don't inhale the vinegar fumes -- whoooee, it will clear your sinuses!

Thanks daddy-o for the intro to these treats!
p.s. second to last day to enter the CSN giveaway!

City Love

city love
{click photo to redirect to treasury}

I tell everyone
I Smile Just Because
I've got a City Love
-John Mayer

A great gift (& I've said it before) for people who love their community are prints & art of their city. Or maybe not the city they live in, but one they love because they met their spouse there, went to school or spent their favorite summer there. I think we all have some city love for one reason or another. Etsy had some great finds for good $$! I'm still waiting on some more Nashville love. If you've seen some, please send my way...

Happy Monday!!

$40 CSN Gift Certificate Giveaway!

This Giveaway is now closed. Congrats to #50 -- Mel.
(Chosen via
csn giveaway!

I was so excited when CSN contacted me offering my readers a $40 gift certificate to ANY of their stores! Thats right -- any of their 200+ stores! You can choose from bedroom furniture sets, shoes, luggage, cookware... basically anything your heart desires! Check out all the stores to choose from HERE.

Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment below telling me how you might spend the $40 (1 entry)
Blog about the giveaway or link to it on your sidebar (2 entries)
Follow Wild & Precious (3 entries)
Twitter about the giveaway -- you can twitter once a day for extra entries (1 entry each)
copy/paste text below:
Win $40 to spend at over 200 CSN stores! @blairita 's blog

{you must leave a separate comment for each entry. for example: this includes leaving 3 separate comments for following. Giveaway ends Wednesday 7/21 & winner will be chosen via}


Be Yourself :: Might & Main

click photo for source

On my new blog, Might & Main, I advocate living life on your own terms. Well, a big part of that is just being yourself. People so often try to be someone they think they ought to be, instead of who they really are. Unfortunately, that isn’t going to make you happy and you’ll spend a lot of needless time trying to figure out how to act.

Instead, be yourself unapologetically.

The world is full of people who are completely interchangeable with each other, so get out there and be a little crazy. Yes, it might be more comfortable to be like the people around you, but it’s not worth it.

After all, how easy would it have been for Lady Gaga to get a spray tan, rock some loose curls in her hair and sing an upbeat song about partying with her BFF’s? Instead, she’s about as out-there as can be and it’s working for her. Everyone knows her name, what she looks like and that she really doesn’t want some guy named Alejandro to call her name. Because of her wackiness, which sets her apart from everyone else by miles, she’s had more success than pretty much anyone else in her industry recently. Even my boyfriend, who hates pop music (and pop culture in general, really) can be caught singing Poker Face under his breath as he cooks dinner.

Just be yourself and count on your differences to set you apart from the crowd. If you're a blogger, write from your unique perspective. People don't want to read something they can find on just any blog; you need to give them a reason to choose yours. If you're interviewing for a job, avoid giving canned answers. The interview will probably hear them from 20 equally qualified applicants, so give them a chance to enjoy your personality. If you've gotten an interview, chances are they know you're qualified for the job. Now they just need a reason to want to work with you, instead of the competition.

Be yourself, you'll be a person regarded as genuine and memorable.

Michelle is doing something I think most of us bloggers wish we would/could do - making her blog her job! {Check out her goals to make it happen} She isn't new to the blogging world (check out her personal blog HERE), but Might & Main is. Head on over and become a follower! She's got enough great advice and inspiration to go around.

Thanks Michelle! You're words are beautiful & you don't know how thrilled I am to host you today.
xo, blair


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