On Envy

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Is it inescapable? Will we always want what we don’t have? What is it that we get lodged in our brains that screams back at us that the grass is always greener on the other side? Why don’t we fully rejoice in others’ accomplishments and joys instead of holding back because we secretly wish it was us and not them? We spend our whole lives comparing ourselves: He/She got a better grade, a better car, an extra scoop of ice cream, homecoming queen, better paying job, better wardrobe, has more blog followers, more comments, easier life, more exciting life… Where’s the escape? Where is the turn off button?

Envy is downright tiring, depressing, & quite frankly, disgusting. Envy is a threat to our joy and concern for others. It makes a wreck of our faith. Contentment and joy cannot exist in envy. Envy is a community destroyer. I hate it! Every single day I hate it – I hate that it is in me, that I am so tied to the things of this world that I don’t allow myself to fully rest in the beauty that I was perfectly created.

My challenge to myself (and you too if you’d like to join) is to address my envy when it whispers in my ear. The destruction that abounds has everything to do with the direction of my gaze. So I will turn my eyes from the things I want to the things I have. Forget comparison; I am blessed. Period.

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  1. We are all suckers to wish for more than we have. You are right. Be thankful for what you have. We are SO blessed! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Love this post! It can be so difficult to remember that sometimes.

  3. Yep, that is so true!! Great words to remember!


  4. Amen.

    Envy is a vicious beast that must be destroyed at first sight, or it will eat us alive.

    Thanks for posting.

  5. Envy and the "grass is greener" philosophy, which my ex-boyfriend applied so daily - ruined our relationship.

    It's a horrible thing - jealous people count other blessings instead of their own.

    I totally agree with you! And if I was still speaking/communicating with him I'd send him an email with this link attached! Any response is an invitation though.....

    Thanks for posting :)

  6. Beautiful post and quite point blank. I agree indefinitely and love this post because of that.

    I really hope that you're a writer. You have talent, woman. :)

  7. I battle this all the time. Beautiful and honest post.

  8. So, so true. I luv how you have expressed yourself with this.

    Happy Weekend, sweets!

  9. so true! I've been praying a lot about contentment lately and this for sure relates and tears you away from contentment. happy friday friend!!

  10. I would like to join in. What a mess it can make with your head and heart! The hope: I find that the more sure I get in who I am in my Creator's eyes, the less power envy has on me :)
    Happy weekend!
    xoxo J

  11. I think every single person struggles with this, you're definitely not alone. It takes a lot of practice to love what is yours...but I think you/we can come to peace eventually.

  12. Wonderful post, Blair. It's important we think about these things, and when we stop comparing ourselves, it's really freeing. I try to resist the urge to do it, but I have this little competitive nature in me that pushes me, not with my blog necessarily, but definitely with my baking.
    Hope you have a splendid weekend, dear!

  13. blaire, it's like you took the thoughts right out of my head. been struggling with all the wants in my life lately....

    i am so glad you wrote about this.. i will be definitely be joining you friend.

  14. Beautifully stated.

    A pleasant surprise for me has been this: the more I look at blogs, the less I want things. It's like thing overload and my system is absolutely turned off.

    I can appreciate, but walk away so grateful for what I already have: here presently, and eternally.

    Have a great weekend,

  15. you are a good writer <3


  16. Aw, it's so good for all of us to remind ourselves of this sometimes.

  17. This post is lovely and so true! I feel as if envy is more invasive than we think. It creeps up on us when we don't notice, until we find ourselves simmering in discontent and unrest. Mostly I'm envious of talents -- in writing, and in music -- the things that are most important to me. I have to remind myself that I'm never going to be more than good at what I do unless I begin to accept that I am me, and what I have is already amazing.

  18. We live in a society that breeds envy - gotta have more than the Jonses, you must have this product and this perfume will make you irresistible. We need more people talking about this to remind us that envy isn't a good thing!

    xo Erin

  19. I love this post, Blair! I did something similar this week on just slowing down and enjoying life. Your thoughts are right on, and I thank you for the reminder to stop this envy when it rears its ugly head.

    Have a great weekend!

  20. That photo is soooo lovely. :)

  21. It's funny you should post this as I have been feeling very similarly lately. You are so very right. Forget everything else. I am blessed beyond belief.


  22. Love love love this post. It's so true! And it's just what I needed. I need to look around me and see what I have and cherish it and be happy with all that I have because I have so much!! Love your heart to tears. Adore your blog.


  23. Great post blair! You write so beautifully.

  24. what a great post blair! envy / comparing myself to others is something i have always really struggled with. i am all about conquering it.. thank you for this post because it is a reminder that this is an area i really need to work on. envy is most certainly a joy-sucker as well as a confidence-sucker. nothing good can come of it; it is a waste of mental energy.

  25. So true, great post.
    Thanks for the visit, your blog is amazing!


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