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Reveling in Nashville - Part 7

This is a bit of a spin on my traditional nash-revs. I of course do not love homelessness. And this is by no means a blog to say that I think Nashville is doing everything right to combat poverty - they aren't.

On my way to work (almost everyday) I pass at least one homeless person. Every day at work I encounter a handful of people in the deepest midst of poverty. Homelessness in Nashville can no longer be overlooked - it abounds.

But there are a few groups and individuals who definitely stir up my community pride by the work they are doing and the sacrifices they are making: Nashville Rescue Mission, Room in the Inn, & The Key Alliance.

A somewhat new combatant of homelessness, that I love, is The Contributor. This is a monthly newspaper that features articles written by Nashville's homeless or former homeless while providing them with a source of income. These same contributors sell the newspaper for $1.00 all over the streets of Nashville. It has been awesome in building community between the vendors and customers.

One of the early creators of The Contributor is Kevin Barbieux, writer of The Homeless Guy, a blog about his own story of chronic homelessness. I've really enjoyed his writing and insight. He is really helping to break down stereotypes, while at the same time giving an honest perspective on the lives, needs, desires, faults, and hopes of the homeless. He also has a second blog, How to Survive Homelessness, where he provides tips and resources for those, like him, who have or are experiencing a season of homelessness.

The ability to revel fully in something (be it a community, the arts, friends, etc.) comes with a responsibility to recognize, struggle with, and combat its weaknesses.

Wordless Wednesday

The Charcoal Sketch

Teaser for David's upcoming instructional video.


These are the digits of my hood, and I might have already mentioned it (alright, I know I have...), but I LOVE the greater East Nashville Neighborhood. There are a lot of random things I love. Like the times I saw -- a man running with 5 German Shepherd mixes tied to his waste, or a woman sitting on her front porch with a huge blue macaw on her shoulder and a big red chow-chow at her side (the bird whistled at me! added bonus), or the time I saw a woman in traditional African garb carrying a large hamper on top of her head walking on the side of the road, or just this morning I saw this awesome man with a long flowing beard, riding a rascal, with his pet Chihuahua perched on all fours on the man's leg (the dog looked like he was surfing as the man drove along). I mean who wouldn't love this place!

{our attempt at a plaid shirt}

While stopping for lunch at the VW bus turned hot dog joint, I Dream of Weenie, we ran into a great community event - Separate Paths Common Goals. This is on ongoing project to raise awareness about crime prevention in East Nashville while bringing together community through fun and educational events. Saturday's event included painting public art of life size children to be displayed in our yards throughout the neighborhood. David and I had fun painting our little boy, Zeke. We also filled out some survey questions about crime in our hood. (I made sure to tell them about the ipod incident.)

Come on Get Happy

Its like playing barbies...

Only better

Remember playing barbies when your were little? Pick out clothes. Put on clothes. Take off outfit. Put on a new one.... well is like that for adults (minus the disproportioned dolls). If you love shopping but your wallet doesn't, this site if fun for picking out (expensive) outfits that you love, but just like your barbies - you'll probably never wear them. You can choose between hundreds of designers and put it all together in a nice magazine-type-spread. Perhaps you can even send one of your spreads to Santa...

Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

{Brought to you by the number 40}

Ernie and I have been together on and off for about 22 years. We met when I was 2. He belonged to my babysitter. I fell asleep with him and managed to bring him home with me. He was my best friend. We skipped together (hence his arm came off a couple times). I chewed on his nose when I cried. We did everything together for a blissful 4 years.

Then suddenly, my mother decided he would make a good graduation present for the babysitter I had stolen him from -- I woke up one day to find him missing. I have forgiven my mom, but I was emotionally scarred for a long time. So much so that my sister sent me a "stand-in" Ernie when I was away at college. I love replacement Ernie too, but he just wasn't the same. He had plastic eyes & polyfill instead of cotton. At this point it had been a good 13 years since I had the love of MY Ernie.

Another 2 years roll by and I get a package in the mail while at home for the summer with my parents. I opened the box and tears burst forth -- there he was... MY Ernie, the one I had known and loved so well. With him was a note (from him) - "Dear Blair, I have missed you. I have enjoyed my time with Amanda, but I have always belonged to you."

I'm never letting him go again!

Happy Birthday Ernie & Friends!

'tis the season

Since Eggnog has hit the shelves it means that the holiday season has officially started! For a great morning holiday jump start, mix together:

{your favorite eggnog. I do NOT suggest silknog}
{your home poured cup-a-joe}

I also approve of the red-cup version...
{eggnog latte} does a weary-ready-for-a-holiday soul good! If you are not a nogger or (gasp) find yourself in a nog-less situation, I might also suggest a new find and quick friend:

...happy nogging!

Reveling in Nashville - Part 6

The East Edition

{lots of color in our hood}
{hot dog joint}
{tomato festival}

Since the end of May, David and I have been home owners on the East side! This part of town is full of history, diversity, eclecticism, charm, and culture. We love it!

Back in the early 1900's East Nashville was THE place to be if you wanted to be somebody. All the white upper class country-clubbers had their fancy cottages and plantation style houses. They sat on their front porches, waved at neighbors, and sipped their cocktails. However, when segregation ended all these "somebodies" hit the road (white flight if you will). The city stopped investing money in this area and over the years the neighborhoods got very run down, crime increased, and East Nashville was the "make sure you don't get off the bus over there" part of Nashville. Hope & restoration came in the form of a Tornado that swept through Nashville in 1998. East Nashville took a pretty big hit - but the upside was that it drew the city's attention back to this forgotten neighborhood. Insurance companies, disaster relief, and investor money started coming in all over the place. People started moving back in and investing themselves, their families, and their businesses in reviving the East Nashville Community.

There is no real easy way to describe East Nashville today. Unlike most other pockets of Nashville and surrounding suburbs, there is a beautiful array of skin tones and purse sizes. The small businesses, local festivals, restaurants, parks, architecture are all too much to touch on in one revel. I'm sure I'll be diving in deeper in the future. But to sum up in one word, East Nashville is.. Refreshing!

10/31 Recap

all ready for the trick-or-treaters.... a grand total of 12 1/2 showed up!
7 of them were from the same family! my precious neighbors across the street! They all got special goody bags.
sis, David, and I made our own fun...

It Ain't Easy Being Green....

...or at least lets just say it ain't easy washing off green!!... I think i still have green in my ears...

{Elphaba & Fiyero}


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