These are the digits of my hood, and I might have already mentioned it (alright, I know I have...), but I LOVE the greater East Nashville Neighborhood. There are a lot of random things I love. Like the times I saw -- a man running with 5 German Shepherd mixes tied to his waste, or a woman sitting on her front porch with a huge blue macaw on her shoulder and a big red chow-chow at her side (the bird whistled at me! added bonus), or the time I saw a woman in traditional African garb carrying a large hamper on top of her head walking on the side of the road, or just this morning I saw this awesome man with a long flowing beard, riding a rascal, with his pet Chihuahua perched on all fours on the man's leg (the dog looked like he was surfing as the man drove along). I mean who wouldn't love this place!

{our attempt at a plaid shirt}

While stopping for lunch at the VW bus turned hot dog joint, I Dream of Weenie, we ran into a great community event - Separate Paths Common Goals. This is on ongoing project to raise awareness about crime prevention in East Nashville while bringing together community through fun and educational events. Saturday's event included painting public art of life size children to be displayed in our yards throughout the neighborhood. David and I had fun painting our little boy, Zeke. We also filled out some survey questions about crime in our hood. (I made sure to tell them about the ipod incident.)


  1. Okay completely superficial comment about an otherwise thoughtful post -- is your hair braided around your head???

    It looks amazing, however it's styled!

    Miss you dear Blair, and please tell David and Oscar hi, too :)


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