Reveling in Nashville - Part 7

This is a bit of a spin on my traditional nash-revs. I of course do not love homelessness. And this is by no means a blog to say that I think Nashville is doing everything right to combat poverty - they aren't.

On my way to work (almost everyday) I pass at least one homeless person. Every day at work I encounter a handful of people in the deepest midst of poverty. Homelessness in Nashville can no longer be overlooked - it abounds.

But there are a few groups and individuals who definitely stir up my community pride by the work they are doing and the sacrifices they are making: Nashville Rescue Mission, Room in the Inn, & The Key Alliance.

A somewhat new combatant of homelessness, that I love, is The Contributor. This is a monthly newspaper that features articles written by Nashville's homeless or former homeless while providing them with a source of income. These same contributors sell the newspaper for $1.00 all over the streets of Nashville. It has been awesome in building community between the vendors and customers.

One of the early creators of The Contributor is Kevin Barbieux, writer of The Homeless Guy, a blog about his own story of chronic homelessness. I've really enjoyed his writing and insight. He is really helping to break down stereotypes, while at the same time giving an honest perspective on the lives, needs, desires, faults, and hopes of the homeless. He also has a second blog, How to Survive Homelessness, where he provides tips and resources for those, like him, who have or are experiencing a season of homelessness.

The ability to revel fully in something (be it a community, the arts, friends, etc.) comes with a responsibility to recognize, struggle with, and combat its weaknesses.