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Covenant HS Christmas Party

This was a "Tacky" Christmas sweater party... but I like to think that Lauren's and my homemade sweatshirts are less tacky and more cute...

Work Perks...

2+ years in Music City Nashville & I finally made it into a Music Video!...

You may remember my post of the awesome Goodbye Earl Video that I posted this past spring made by Emily Grace from my (then 8th grade) girls Bible study and her Floridian bff Lauren Lu... how pumped was I to get to make a cameo in their Violet Hill video! (look for the scarf! thats me!) All the video and edit work was done by Miss Lu. She's amazing!

Christmas at the LaZer.

When David was a senior at Vandy him and his buddies rented a pretty nice sized house which they named "The Sizzler." The next year it was passed on to friends who renamed it "The Lazer." Last Christmas the Lazer threw a HUGE part with probably 100 Vandy students and local Nashvillians in attendance. They moved all the furniture out of the room, served hot cocoa and cider and had plenty of candy canes to go around. The entertainment of the party was self written Christmas music by the members of the house and other friends. Some made you laugh your butt off and some made you cry from their tenderness. Everyone sat around on the floor crammed in together and listened and then everyone joined their voice in the end as we all sang Christmas carols tother. David and I truly walked away from that party blessed! Anywhoo... the Lazer is no longer in the company of friends, but the spirit of "Christmas at the Lazer" lived on and this last weekend David and I hosted a much scaled down gathering... below are a couple pictures. It was great fun. David made like 5000 lbs. of awesome chili. There was lots of Egg Nog and Candy Canes. The music was great!! We really do hae some talented muscians as friends. I wish I had a way to share all their music with you, but I think Doug Brandon is the only one with a MySpace music thingie... check him out.

Doug Brandon & Steven Searcy

These are the Scary Candles David got at good will. They are both crying fromt he touching music...

The little girl was really emotional and just cried herself to death.

Some of the gang singing carols together.

On a completely seperate note... I'm now on Twilight book #3...

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree....

We've had our tree up for a week today. We love it. Last year Our tree's name was Max. This year we picked out a girl & her name is Harriett. Of course,as you will see in the first two pictures, Oscar helped decorate and we took some time to goof off! yay for Christmas time!

Still to come...Christmas at the Lazer!

Christmas Pandora!

I have been a lover of Pandora for a little over a year now... its pretty much the bomb. Anywhoo... I have carefully crafted a perfect Christmas Stations and it Rocks! I think you can "share" your stations, so let me know if you Pandora and I'll hook you up.

I've gotten backed up on blogging so here is the list of preview of things to come:
Christmas Tree 2008
Christmas @ the Lazer Party

Ernestine Mortorottie Taylor

So... over Thanksgiving the Seymour clan headed over to our family friend's 50th Birthday party in 50's garb.  My mom, the pack rat, had stashed away the entire ensamble that my great grandmother, Ernestine Mortorottie Taylor (she was italian), wore to my Grammie's wedding in 1958.  This is definitely NOT my color.  Make sure to notice the headpeace... and yes she really wore all of this... earrings and necklace included.  Not featured in the picture are the mink stole and the 1 pink glove (the match did not make it these past 50 years).  Oh.. and one thing I want you to know... the cigg is CANDY!P.S. Look how cute my dad looks! I still need pics of my mom and sis. Mom was Jackie-O and Jess had on the earrings and hat thing that my great aunt wore to Grammie's wedding... too cute.

Ouch. I've been bitten.

Why does this always happen to me?  I tried to resist.  Infact, I was doing a pretty good job.  The book had been sitting at my house for a good 5 months or more untouched.  Then I picked it up and in 2 days... put it down finished.  What am I talking about?  Twilight.  That is what.  I'm such a goon for teenage/fantasy series.  Go ahead and label me... I'm a nerd and LOVED the whole twisted vampire love saga.  I'm such a sucker (of course I will be seeing the movie and starting the 2nd book this week... wow, I impress myself with my intelligent reading...)  


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