Ernestine Mortorottie Taylor

So... over Thanksgiving the Seymour clan headed over to our family friend's 50th Birthday party in 50's garb.  My mom, the pack rat, had stashed away the entire ensamble that my great grandmother, Ernestine Mortorottie Taylor (she was italian), wore to my Grammie's wedding in 1958.  This is definitely NOT my color.  Make sure to notice the headpeace... and yes she really wore all of this... earrings and necklace included.  Not featured in the picture are the mink stole and the 1 pink glove (the match did not make it these past 50 years).  Oh.. and one thing I want you to know... the cigg is CANDY!P.S. Look how cute my dad looks! I still need pics of my mom and sis. Mom was Jackie-O and Jess had on the earrings and hat thing that my great aunt wore to Grammie's wedding... too cute.


  1. Are you kidding me! You look adorable! I love the color. It brings out the pink in your cheeks...or is that from the wine? I love, love the headpeice, too. Your Grammie sounds like quite the character. Great taste in clothing, though.


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