Covenant HS Christmas Party

This was a "Tacky" Christmas sweater party... but I like to think that Lauren's and my homemade sweatshirts are less tacky and more cute...


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  2. In picture #3, why does David look like he is either, a) totally ready to kick someone's butt or b) pulling out his own version of "Blue Steel?" LOL BTW, I bet there are people that would buy those sweatshirts! Haha.

    Yes, Sophie does look mighty cute in her boxer brief training pants. ;) We loved Smurfs and I was really particular to Star Wars Underoos, as well. My sister was straight-up Wonder Woman.

    We saw James and Laura at the WSO concert last night. They are too cute.

  3. I don't know why I apostropheed "someones." Great journalism major I am!!!

  4. FYI...

  5. oh wow Blair, you look amazing in your ugly sweater! We had wanted to have one of those parties this year but it just didnt happen:( Maybe next year! Hold on to that sweater, I may need to borrow it!!:)


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