Blue Tansy Serum DIY

A great change in beauty products is happening, hopefully an ever growing revolution in clean ingredients and accessibility.  For now though it still seems that a lot of these products available on shelves are still pretty expensive.  That's why I've really starred to enjoy DIY beauty products where I can control the ingredients and feel well assured of their sourcing.  

I've shared about Eden's Garden oils before (check out this article), and in this post I'm going to show you my take on the popular Blue Tansy Serum -- you know those cute little dropper bottles you've seen around social media!  I got all my oils and carrier oils through Eden's Garden.  I love this company for my oils because they are priced fairly and their transparency of their purity and sourcing helps me know I'm getting the best.  They've also been voted best non-mlm oil company and are woman owned and operated

For this project I snagged these glass dropper bottles on Amazon.  They are reusable and I'll use the extra ones as gifts or for other DIYs.  You could also mix up these serums and sell them to make it even more cost efficient!

Why Blue Tansy?  Some of the great benefits of this oil include being anti-inflamatory (think about fighting blemishes), antioxidants, moisturizing & soothing your skin, and neutralizing redness.

There are several different recipes you can mix up with Blue Tansy oil based on our skin type, sensitivities, or goals.  In addition to the Blue Tansy I added Rose, Frankincense, and Turmeric. I was looking for oils that would help even skin tone, fight sun damage, tone & cleanse, anti-inflammatory, soothe & moisturize, and give a bit of glow.  And don't worry, those people who taught you growing up that putting oil on your face would clog your pores - turned out they didn't have their facts straight! 

Read more about the benefits of the oils I chose:

Benefits of Turmeric

Benefits of Frankincense

Benefits of Rose

Benefits of Blue Tansy

Depending on your bottle size, you really only need a just a couple drops of each.  I used a 15ml bottle & did about 5 drops blue tansy, 3 drops rose, 4 drops of frankincense, and 4 drops of turmeric.  I filled the rest with jojoba oil and just a tiny bit of witch hazel to help with emulsification.  

I also this week made some personal fragrance.  I love rose and I love woody & warm scents.  I mixed together Vetiver, Amber Oud, and Rose (just a couple drops, its potent!) in a roller bottle.  I filled with Jojoba oil and a small splash of witch hazel again & easy peasy I've got my own perfume that no one else has and is also clean, alcohol free, and packs other essential oil benefits.  

If you head over to my instagram @blairita you can watch me put it all together in my reels.  There's also a sweet giveaway to win a bottle of Blue Tansy + a $50 credit to Eden's Garden.  Hurry on and scootch on over - ends 5/29!


  1. Thank you for sharing this recipe!! I’m in the process right now of learning more about essential oils and making skin care products myself with them. I will most definitely try this! The blue tansy’s ability to both be moisturizing and anti inflammatory is so impressive!!!

  2. I love this recipe! I’m new to using blue tansy but I love the calming effect it has. I’m excited to benefit from it by using it in skincare as well. I’ve also entered your giveaway on Instagram! :) (username is sampaigew)

  3. Love this! Definitely want to restock with some non-mlm oils !

  4. Blue Tansy is great for dry skin and I love skincare with this to help with our dry summers in the desert!

  5. I love the skincare uses & benefits

    1. PS this is @skyekharris on Instagram ^^

  6. I LOVE Blue Tansy and its soothing effect on dry skin. It has given me glow and I am in owe at how much it has helped my skin go back to its healthy state. It has also anti inflammatory properties, which makes it great for sensitive skin.

  7. the_real_sherrisawengerdMay 29, 2022 at 10:47 PM

    I love that the blue tansy oil is anti inflammatory!...I cant wait to try this recipe.

  8. I’ve looked into blue tansy benefits but I’ve never actually used it. I’m just getting into a more natural and holistic lifestyle. I loved your reel!


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