Ready for baby J

Well, between chasing 3 kids, Covid-19 slow down, and bit of a crazy pregnancy with some complications  -- maternity photos were diy this go-around.  If David isn't in the photo, he's behind the camera and the rest our friend and neighbor snapped for us.

I've worn this dress now for three pregnancies.  Its from Isabella Oliver and it has held up so well.  I won't be holding on to the majority of my maternity clothes, but this dress and probably my overalls I've become attached too and I'll box up and save for the girls.

In these photos I have on my new mini tag necklace from Able.  It has all four of my baby's initials on it and I've loved wearing it every day as I anxiously await my new baby's arrival.

Below:  Top photo by Meghan Hill - I'm 29 & pregnant with Henry.  Second photo by Diana Cherry - I'm 32 & pregnant with Mary Rose.  Same dress. :)

And not the same dress, but couldn't leave out my first maternity photos when I as 27 and pregnant with my Magnolia.  Photo by Kelsey Justice.


  1. Beautiful!
    Thinking of you during your 4th delivery! My sister in-law is an OB at Vandy; I know you'll be in excellent hands (literally) if you end up there.


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