How to get Official Fjallraven Ranken for $30

I have been wanting a Fjallraven Ranken Water Resistant Backpack for a good long while but always the cost held me back.  I've pursued countless sites offering them for less but found that all of those had 99% chance of being fake and never felt comfortable purchasing from them.  I've also waited to see if they would go on sale at other department stores like Nordstrom, but they were always excluded from sale events.

Recently a friend was offering a $50 referral code to try Trunk Club which I knew to be Nordstrom's (better) version of Stitch Fix.  I might have passed up the offer because its easy to feel inundated with all the different mail order styling options, but I did the quick math and knew that even if only did  Trunk Club once, I could request a backpack and get it for $50 off with zero strings and without fear that discount meant it was fake.

Here is $50 for you!  Get Fjallraven Ranken for $30.  Or request nearly anything carried in Nordstrom stores and get it for free or $50 off!

Trunk Club vs. Stitch Fix
Over the past several years you've seen what feels like countless post about Stitch Fix on this blog.  But sometimes you outgrow good things for better things.  Here's what I love about Trunk Club...

Real and regular interaction with your stylist.  Before you even schedule your first trunk you get to start messaging with your stylist.  You can send pictures of yourself and style, ask questions, and plan together of how to get the best trunk.  Once your stylist packs your first trunk - before sending it, she will show you what is inside.  You get to give feedback and make changes to your trunk before it ships.  Example: she packed me my requested Fjallraven and I got to decide on another color.  I also got to request to try a different style of Birkenstock than what she had packed.

Newer more familiar items.  Unlike stitch fix where they stock up on a lot of last season items, with Trunk Club you  are getting what is currently selling at Nordstrom.  You aren't being asked to pay full price for last year's surplus items.  You also aren't potentially getting obscure "boutique" brands the that you are unsure of the quality.  You are getting brands you know you can find at Nordstrom.  Think Free People, Birkenstock, Madewell, and in great in-house brands.

More shipped.  It's called Trunk for a reason.  You get 6-10 items (verses just 5 with stitch fix).  You also aren't limited to just requesting 1 pair of shoes - if you want a box of shoes, you'll get a box of all shoes.  Additionally, you can add on items to these 6-10 pieces like sunglasses, jewelry, and other accessories.  And you still can send any or all of it back.

Requests better matched.  My first trunk was a near identical match to my requests and shared board. This is because of the messaging I got to do with my stylist and also because of the security of knowing what type of items Nordstrom offers.  It all just feels a lot more transparent.

Similar to Stitch Fix, there is a styling fee of $25 you will be charged up front when scheduling your Trunk.  But this money will go towards whatever you choose to keep, and you only loose it if you send everything back.

Ready to try Trunk Club with a $50 credit to Start?

Full disclosure I also get $50 credit when you check out of your first Trunk.  But here's what is double great about that.  I'm not special with a special code just for me to give.  Anyone with a Trunk Club account can share and earn the same credit!

Here's a look of what I got in my first trunk as well as my pinterest request board.  It is SPOT on!

I will definitely be scheduling to more Trunks.  Its a great fun way to shop without the crowds or the fuss.

Now, what do you want to spend a free $50 on?