Minted tips and tricks + Easy DIY Card Keepsake

For the last 6 Christmases I have used Minted to make our family Christmas cards.  I love how easy it is to pick out and customize a card.  Plus - I've been able to, aside from postage, basically send out Christmas cards for free.  Here's how!

Free Minted Christmas cards --

First -- Here is $25 off your first order! Just by using this link to create a new Minted account.  Click here.

Second --  Shop early discounts.  If you don't have your pictures made yet but don't want to miss out on a discount you can still pick and purchase your card design and save it to be made later when your photos are ready. You can still edit everything about it.  The only thing you can't change is the design.
Current promo discounts are always in a banner on top of the Minted landing page.

Third -- Postcards.  If your budget is tight or if you just have a million friends you must send those cards to, post cards are the least expensive option.  Plus postage is cheaper.

Fourth -- Look for cards with the option of Express Service.  This will get you another $5 discount.  What this service does is skips the step of Minted proofing your card for you.  So double check your spelling and address etc. and save $.

Fifth !! -- because I did mention FREE -- Referrals!  Minted has an amazing referral program.  What that means is that once you start using Minted for yourself you get a personal link to share with friends.  When they make their first order, you get $25 credit to minted and the person you refer to gets $25 off their first order!  The last few Christmases after combing the above steps I have only needed to refer 4 or 5 friends in order to cover nearly if not all of my order!  So yes, that link above is  referral code, as is this link here! ;)

But hey, even if you aren't into referring friends, if you use my link for $25 off new account + the current discount and express service option, thats still some major savings for quality cards.

Design tips -- 

My favorite design tip for creating Christmas cards with Minted -- most parts of all the designs are customizable.  So for example, if you find a card that says "Christmas Cheer" at the top -- you can change it to "Christ Reigns" or "Crazy Kids" or "First Christmas."  So if you fall in love with a layout or color style of the card, but don't love the wording - you can totally make it your own.  If you see our card up top that says Wildernerss Homestead on it and a scripture on the bottom it was originally shown as "Our New Home" and we added the scripture line where the new address was shown.

And I suppose this falls under design tips too - free recipient addressing! Saves time and saves those of you with "doctor's handwriting" from having to scribble.

Easy Christmas Card Keepsake DIY --

Once I started making our cards with Minted I became obsessed.  I keep ALL of them.  Every year.  Easiest way is with a whole punch and binder rings.  Pretty self-explanatory but so fun and such a treasure to our family.


Current Minted Promo:
20% Off all Foil-Pressed products.  15% off All holiday cardsorders  $150+, 10% off $100+ orders. Code SHINE, exp Monday 11/12.  And these are good WITH my referral link offer of $25 off and the $5 express service discount!  Also may combine code FS100 for free shipping on orders over $100.

*this post made in partnership with Minted.  All opinions are my own.  Affiliate links used.