Nacre Watches

I’ve been a smart watch girl for the last two years and have become quite attached to the constant connectedness it brings.  But I felt the need to a detach more - as a way to be more present and appreciate time.  I love love love my Nacre Lune watch for this reason.  The simplicity of the design is just a brush of fresh air and rest.  Classic and timeless.  An actually wrist piece and not a blinking computer. 

I have the Lune in stainless steel and alternate between the leather bands in sand and black.  There are other face bodies that feature pearl hour markers embellished cases.  Bands are super easy to securely change out. Love this from Nacre's about page
Nacre (ney•ker) means “mother of pearl”. We’re inspired by the moon and and its ability to move the tides and mark the time. The pearl, born of water, transcends both time and season. We believe in making a watch that does the same.
Totally feel that wearing my Lune watch.  When it comes to being calming like the moon and the tides, I'm not even going to come close to that wearing my smart watch!

Ready for one too?  Head over to my instagram page to win one for yourself!!  Winner pics a watch of their choice plus an extra band!

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