baby bonnet round up

One thing that just slays me on littles is bonnets.  I tried my hand at making one myself back in the spring, but my skills are not just lacking, but non-existent.  I love them all year round -- keeping those little ears covered.  That's one thing my mother-in-law instilled in me early on in my fresh motherhood, keep 'em covered in any sort of cool, damp, or windy weather to keep those babies happy and healthy.  I've rounded up some favorites, including some dream wishlist bonnets from Misha Puff Clothing.  Honestly, I can't get over their whole children's line -- all the heart eyes for the beautiful knit timeless tunics, henleys, and rompers.  Not only do i want it all for my children, but could they maybe pretty please make it in my size?  Would that be weird? Ah.. I digress.  Bonnets.  Here is the list of my round up...

Top Left to Right:
Bottom Row:

I'm loving that several of them have the button chin strap over the ties that end up tangled or in the baby's mouth.  My tip for the ones with a traditional ribbon tie is to tie them to the far side instead of under the chin -- especially if the ribbon is longer, that way little one isn't distracted by all the fabric under his or her chin and might not fight to take it off.  Another reason I love bonnets is they make great shower gifts for friends.  And because bonnets aren't just for winter, get them a couple for different seasons -- a cozy knit and alight weight linen.  Can't go wrong.