kids' room at wilderness

Quilts/ similar
Blankets/ el paso designs
Sheets/ target
light box/ uncommon goods
clock/ amazon
beside table/ built by david
cactus pillows/ uncommon goods
essential oils / (i'm a distributer, message me for 10% off)
prints/ create in me a clean heart via she reads truth
earthenware bowl/ uncommon goods
photos/ chatbooks (free book here)
coat rack/ amazon
moss garden/ uncommon goods
reading lamp/ amazon

To catch you up to speed incase you are new here, last November we moved our family of 5 out of the city as we purchased 53 acres an hour south of the city.  The land we bought was raw - never lived on and we knew two things -- David wanted to build our house himself and that it wouldn't be a quick process to develop living spaces with utilities down in the country.  Our plans for our house quickly turned into plans to build what will eventually be our garage/David's studio and to move into that and settle onto the property before starting the build of our actual house.  It's been a lot more work than we could have imagined, but also a lot more life giving than we could have imagined.  

Where David is the one with the tools and the know how to build a house, I've tried to focus my abilities on making this "garage" a cozy home for our family.  My first focus was the room for the big kids.  As my parents where also in the process of changing houses, I was lucky enough to receive these metal bed frames that were in my grandparents' house and that I've been in love with since I was a child.  I knew I wanted to build the room around these beds with kind of a rustic/vintage/eclectic feel.  I used a lot of things we already had - frames, big colorful pillows, a dresser that was my dad's growing up (found lots of great kids' dresser that could also work here) , and a tiny bookcase that was mine growing up.  

I looked to Uncommon Goods (a great place to find personalized gifts see here and great ideas for birthdays see here) to add some pieces to "pop" with the white bedding from and wood walls.  The cactus pillows are hand embroidered and the perfect bright colors for a room shared by boy and girl.  Staying with a sort of flora theme, and because my daughter loves moss, this diy moss garden was perfect.  We evened turned it into part of homeschooling as we put it together (Henry adde the personal touch of a star wars plane!).  Also from Uncommon Goods are the light box and earthenware bowl which I actually found while searching through all their ideas for kitchen decor (see more here).  

Other new pieces in this room are the reading lamp and lcd screen digital clock.  For the price I definitely recommend these pieces.  In fact, I'll probably be getting more of each of these for other rooms.  Both are linked above and come in other colors too.  The middle table was built by David.  Its perfect and I love him -- though I do get jealous of his ability to just whip of things like this.  Literally I asked for a table and within an hour and a half I got this beauty!

I'll be sharing more of our home and property as we continue to settle in.  


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