10 favorites

1.  My newest ray-bans are my favorite yet (and I'm a bit of a ray-ban hoarder).  Loving these Ray-Ban gatsby 4526 sunglasses.  Found them at sunglassesshop.com.  There are several different color and lens combo.  I went for a slight mirror look.  These frames are super light weight matte acetate and the lens tint is light enough that I can still wear them when I step inside for a minute or as the sun starts to set, yet they are still strong enough protection in high sun.

2. Nature Nate's raw & unfiltered honey.  What does raw & unfiltered mean? It means it is more like it exists in the hive -- hasn't gone through crazy heating processes and contains tiny particles of the environment that it was in, including pollen.  A great help for our family in allergy season! It also means that they only thing added to the honey is its bottle - no rice or corn syrup adulteration.
I was lucky enough to win a year's supply of this yummy goodness, but I was already a huge fan long before.  Thank you Nature Nate's for the hook up.  Find them on instagram -- you never know, maybe you can snag some free honey too!

3.  My favorite snack -- especially right now while we are more or less "camping" at the house.  RX Bars.  My favorites are the blue and the black.  They aren't cheap, but nutrition and a bit of indulgence go along way in my book.

4.  Where to start on this bag from Just Porter?!  We have been gypsies since we moved out of our house in November.  A few days here, a handful of weeks there... lots of traveling, lots of moving pieces.  This bag has been a family go-to, but has especially become my husband's bag.  He can fit it all in there... computer, bible, a couple changes of clothes, chargers, book, toiletries, paperwork for the contractors etc., snacks, and a few other camping necessities for when he spends the night at the build.  And lets be honest, a lot of the kids stuff gets stuffed in there too.   He loves the different zippered pockets, the padded computer department and padded straps, magnetic front closures, and waterproof fabric.  Everything is safe and has a place to stay organized.  You'll be seeing more of this bag for sure -- we love it.
But let me add what we reallllly love about this bag... it creates sustainability for a community in need!  When you buy a Just Porter bag you give a bag too.  Just Porter hires local bag makers (supporting small businesses), they fill the bags they give full of school supplies (aiding in education).  You can feel good about your purchase! // instagram + Facebook 

5.  Lipsense.  Yup.  The stuff you might be seeing pop up all over your Facebook but maybe haven't stopped to really look at yet.  You need too.  I was the same way and then was gifted a couple colors. Its really fun and for my dryish lips I can never get an even non-flaky lipstick coat... this does the job.  I have two colors - a nude/pink "apple cider, and a darkish purply read "sheer berry."
My friend Heather can hook you up too.  Find her on her Facebook group page or message me and I'll get y'all in touch.  She really knows the colors and all the tips.  I've known her since college and she is just a gem! **mention this post and she'll give you free shipping on starter kits**

6.  If you've ever been on my blog before, you'll already know my love for fashionABLE.  What started as scarves made in Africa giving women the ability to feel pride in their work and care for their families... then leather, jewelry, and now apparel too!  The started with some closet staple tees.  I have three and am not surprised that I'm obsessed.  The fit is great.  The fabric is yummy soft but not the pilling kind of soft.  No itchy tags.  I'll be partnering in a few days with a couple friends to give some away too - so keep a close eye on my instagram!

7.  Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  Might seem like a random thing to add to my favorite list.  But for a novice/reluctant homeschooler, I've been super thankful for this book.  Its the same one my husband learned to read with.  I love the way it builds on just 20 minutes a day.  It's perfect for the parent too - anything in read is for the parent to use for instruction, it literally tells you what to say to your child when in the course of the lesson.  Magnolia has about 25 lessons left.  She loves looking back at her early lessons to see where she started and where she is now.  I'll be starting with Henry in August.  It's less than $15 on amazon.  

8.  Natursutten Pacis.  I thought I would just use these for Mary Rose as an infant, but we just can't quit these and she'll be 1 next month.  It started out because I liked the aesthetic.  But I really love that they are 100% natural - no parabens, pvc, or chemical softeners.  They are all one piece, so no joints or creases for dirty grime or mold to sneak into.

9.  Lotta from Stockholm.  I you don't have a pair.  You need one.  Or if you are like me, you need a few pairs.  Just added these classic high heel clogs to my closet.  Love these slides for any season. // instagram + Facebook

10.  We are moving in to the house.  As in, I'm currently finishing this post at the hotel while baby naps and then we are driving down to officially move in.  I've been dreaming of the kids room design for a few months now and found the cutest accents from uncommongoods.com.  Love these embroidered cactus pillows.  There are two different styles - got one of each for each of the kids beds along with a few other goodies that I can't wait to set up, photograph and share (hopefully sooner than later), mean while, check out uncommongoods for some great personalized gift ideas.

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