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Third baby is in some ways a whole new ball game and in some ways the same tried and true.  Whenever anyone asks me how life with three is, my usual response is "three kids is easy.  this baby is the easiest of the three.  my three-year-old... if you want to talk about three, now he is the hard one."  

This sweet girl really is a dream baby.  I've had fun taking her out on little outings just the two of us.  She doesn't need much at this point when we are out and about, but my new Lily Jade Co. diaper bag is still my go-to for toting the essentials.  Real leather and canvas I don't feel like I'm a walking billboard for messy-motherhood.  I feel put together, even if I am in my yoga pants and giant tee.  I feel organized, ready, and yes - even stylish.  

In my bag I have the baby essentials for a 2-month-old... diapers, wipes, burp cloth, swaddle.  I also fit in my clutch, dslr camera, extra underwear and shorts for above mentioned 3-year-old, my water bottle, and a few entertainment knick-nacs for my big kids.  Sounds like a lot to carry, but the fact that this can be carried as a backpack, makes it easy to make sure I can take all i need.  And there is still room for more!  Zipper and magnet closures, I can fill this thing to the brim!...

Andy when I retire it as a "diaper bag" -- this bag has a snap in pocket container that can pop out and I still have a beautiful backpack / tote.  OR. It would even be great as a camera bag!

Lily Jade Co. has so much to choose from.  Lots of yummy all leather styles.  Lots of designs of shapes, sizes, and colors. My bag is the Madeline in Navy Canvas & Silver (which is currently on sale!).

Consider this an intro -- you'll be seeing me around these parts a lot with this bag you can be sure!  In the mean time... check out Lily Jade Co. on instagram !


  1. First post about your baby and it's sponsored. Sell out.


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