me and mini with evy's tree + honey by evy's tree

hoodies: Evy's Tree / Honey by Evy's Tree
clogs: Lotta From Stockholm

My sweet big girl started kindergarten when I was just two weeks postpartum with baby number three.  Lots of transition with lots of emotions for all of us.  School equals long days where we both miss each other a painful amount.  When we got our Evy's Tree and Honey by Evy's Tree matching hoodies in the mail, it was the hugest smile on my Magnolia's face.  Such a treat to get to match mommy and to get a surprise in the mail that so suited her sweet whimsical newly kindergarten self.  She fancies herself quite the sophisticated school girl in her hoodie and asks for us to go out together matching as often as possible.  Does both our souls good.

If you haven't checked out Evy's Tree yet (and Honey by Evy's Tree) you will love them.  After all - what's not to love about luxury hoodies?!  Not just for yoga pants and active wear, love how versatile yet always comfortable these pieces are.   We love these Reece hoodies in Lipstick Red (I have a size medium and M has a size kids small) -- the ruffles, the pockets, the thumb holes and so so soft.  And there is so much more awesome coming out this fall (I got a peak!)!

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