Family Maternity Photography Session

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Met our sweet friend and neighbor, Diana Cherry, down at Shelby Bottoms park last Saturday morning after breakfast and I'm so in love with this family maternity photo shoot she captured.  I almost didn't think we would get any family photos done like we did with Henry (here) and Magnolia (here) -- we were 39 weeks 2 days in these.  Sitting here typing this now at 40 weeks 4 days.  Baby Rosie we are so ready for you dear love.  

We loved working with Diana (she also did our Christmas cards!).  She is a momma of two herself and knows how to get my kiddos to work it.  She is patient and fun and fun for anything.  It was muggy and wet grass and we got home to find one child with a fever and she still gave us the perfect morning together and I feel really captured us as we wait for our littlest.  She also got all the proofs to us super quick which is always fun and such a treat.  

Diana specializes in family photography and newborn portraits.  She has a giant heart that comes through just watching her work, but a piece of her heart is also towards adoption & she even offers  very discounted rates for families celebrating their growing families through adoption - both as they wait or when celebrating their new one's arrival home.  Love!

Thank you, Diana for these.  Cherishing them.

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