keeping my ring finger fashionABLE

pants: maternity ASOS
necklace: Stitch Fix
bucket bag & rings: fashionABLE
shoes: steve madden
baby bump: 29 weeks

During my first pregnancy I did not think about it in time to be able to get my wedding rings off.  With lots of tears and ice and soap I was able to pull off my engagement ring, but man -- that tiny little wedding band it was basically grafted into my skin.  I was sure they'd cut it off me when I got to the hospital to deliver.  Low and behold though, my fingers eventually shrank back to normal and I was shocked that my ring was no longer a permeant part of my body.  For my second pregnancy I remembered in time to get off both, but was bummed to not have something beautiful and meaningful to hold their place.  I didn't want to be left screaming "I'm pregnant and my wedding rings don't fit!!,"  so this time I was ready with a plan!  Miriam Designs from fashionABLE to the rescue!

Magnolia and I had so much fun watching my new Miriam Collection solitaire ring be made. Love this ring! I chose to combine a gold band w/ rose quartz.  Its fun and different than my traditional band plus it has meaning added in -- I continue to love fashionABLE's local + global mission to equip women and provide sustainable business to communities.   

I have to say too, getting to watch my jewelry created was such a treat.  We are so quick to just click purchase online or swipe our credit card without thinking about what all is involved in the creation of our purchased items.  To sit and see the care and skill and time it took to make this ring while at the same time listening to the heart of why fashionABLE does what it does and what it is able to provide women who have overcome all sorts of obstacle... I wish everyone could have such on opportunity!  And having Magnolia with me was just all the more special.

all photography by Cameron Louise Jones 
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