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People say that everything is different with your third.  I'm finding that true in so many ways.  My time is different - chasing two I don't really get to sit and contemplate and make mood boards for nursery inspiration.  Baby will sleep in our closet for a couple months and that doesn't bother me one bit.  At some point I'll solicit my mom to come over and pull all the girl clothes down from the attic to sort and wash.  But thats about the extent that I have things figure out.  Taking it all one day at a time and trying to stay present with my two while battling the woes of a body that is older and more tired then my first pregnancy rodeo.  What's not different? - I'm just as excited and expectant for this little one as I was with my first.  We are so thankful.

It has been 5 years since all this baby stuff was new to us, and so much has changed, both in opinion and style as well as safety and advances.  It's a bit hard to keep up with.  We'll be getting a new carseat (ours expired) and a new crib (our boy took a toll on it) and then after that I'm a bit lost.  Needless to say, I was so excited to be introduced to The Baby Cubby.  It's kind of like walking into one of those baby stores that has everything you could ask or imagine but instead of feeling overwhelmed you're greeted by a friendly face who takes you by the hand and answers all your questions without being asked and you're in and out with everything you need with no stress at all.  

The Baby Cubby website has everything well organized and divided for easy searching.  Plus, lets say you are looking for a crib - they have detailed overviews, faq, and reviews of the product right there easy to get to.  And going above and beyond even that, you can live chat with a member of the baby cubby team to get more info about the product.  All their prices are price-matched everyday (even with amazon!) and you can expect to find only the best and safest gear.  A one-stop-low-stress shop for all your baby needs.

use code WILD-AND-PRECIOUS for 10% Off your orders today through Friday 4/29.

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*I was given a gift certificate for purpose of review, but all opinions are my own.


  1. Beyond adorable!!! I hope you are well, Blair, I've been loving following your journey and adventures with your beautiful family. Sending BIG hugs to you all! :)

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