let Stitch Fix dress you for the holidays

Bradshaw dress via @stitchfixBradshaw Dress by pixley via @stitchfixDoreen Dress by Brixon Ivy via @StitchfixTell Dress by Adrianna Papell via @stitchfixClara Dress by Pixley via @stitchfixEtna Dress by Collective Concepts via @stitchfixEuna Dress via Collective Conceptes via @stitchfix
What was in my fix:
Bradshaw Dress by Pixley
Dorene Dress by Brixon Ivy
Tella Dress by Adrianna Papell
Clara Dress by Pixley
Euna Dress by Collective Concepts

I have had 35 Stitch Fix deliveries over the past few years and they are still as enjoyable and fun as ever!  This Fix was a first for me though-  I requested all cocktail attire!  With the holidays here + some winter weddings and fun events coming up, I knew the dressier side of my closet needed some vamping up.  I asked my stylist, Alex, to feel free to throw in some big patterns, but to also make sure there were a few more classic numbers too.

I ended up only keeping the Euna Dress - I've already worn it to a wedding and plan to wear it to the symphony in a couple weeks! David wishes I had kept the red one too (and I probably should have - but you can't wear red to weddings, at least in the south, so I ended up not keeping it).  I disliked the blue print Tella dress, but the rest I really loved and all five fit perfectly!  I'll definitely be looking to SF to dress me up again.

Here are my tips for letting Stitch Fix dress you for the holidays:

Stitch Fix Tips and Deals - How to get the best for your holiday budget.

1.  Check your style profile.  Make sure you have marked that you want dresses.  If you want to make sure you get only dress, mark that you don't want outerwear or pants etc.  (unless of course you do, but the more you fill out specific wants the more likely you are to get only and specifically what you want)

2.  Update your pinterest board.  Pin your favorite cocktail dresses from your favorite stores.  It doesn't matter how expensive they are, pin your dreams away.  Your stylist will find you affordable items that match your $$ request level that best mimic your dream dresses.

3.  Download the app.  If you don't have the app yet -- you will love it.  You can actually see pictures of the items sent to you before your box arrives.  This was great for me so I could already start planning shoes and jewelry pairings.  Also, when you have the app you can upload a picture of yourself.  Them being able to know things like your coloring and completion can really help your stylist fine tune your fixes to best suit you!

4.  Order right now!  I mean it.  There are still a handful of days left to get a fix next week and the following days before Christmas.  But don't wait.

SO so much easier then trying to go to the mall during the Christmas shopping frenzy + and you get to try it all on at home with all your different shoes and accessories and not in fluorescent lighting and listening to bad music!

 In case you are new to Stitch Fix I'll give the speel again:  To get a "fix" you fill out a style profile and set up to receive your first fix on a date you request.  You then pay $20 upfront for your stylist to do her thing and mail your goodies.  When your fix arrives, try everything on.  The $20 you already paid goes towards whatever you choose to keep and what you don't want goes pack in a pre-paid envelope.  Should you choose to keep it all you get an extra 25% off your purchase!  ((get started for free by clicking HERE))

And one more thing since it is the giving season -- GIFT CARDS!  Yup, just like your favorite stores, you can give gift cards full of coveted Stitch Fix credit to your friends and family (or put it on your own Christmas list)!  You can send them in three ways -- a stylish packed hard gift card, an e-gift card sent via email, or print off one from your own computer.  You can give cards from $20 - $1000... enough to cover a friend's very first fix or revamp an entire wardrobe!  Great for people who have never tried SF before or who are die hard obsessed already.


  1. You look terrific! I agree great picks by Stitch Fix....red and last one are definitely also my favorites. Good call keeping the Euna dress --- it is unique and stylish but looks effortless and super flattering on you!


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