Stitch Fix just got even better!

A quick Public Service Announcement -- Stitch Fix has officially launched their app!  You can download it by clicking HERE.

What is Stitch Fix?
Stitch Fix is your own personal stylist that mails wardrobe refreshers right to your door.  Fill out a style profile (your size, price preferences, favorite colors and trends, your dislikes, modesty level...) and include links to things like your fashion board on pointers or of a celebrity who's style your really admire, and they work to taylor pieces to you, just like your own personal shopper!

You pay just $20 upfront, they send you a box of 5 items, you keep what you want and send back in a prepaid envelope what you don't want.  Your $20 that you already spent goes towards whatever you decide to keep!

It's not a subscription.  You can do it as often as you want or just pick here and there when you need some help.  (They also have a generous referral program and once you have your own profile -make one here- you will get a link that when used gives you $25 credit to shop your fixes! -use my link!-)

What is awesome about the new Stitch Fix App
Yay for this app!  I love it when the things you love and shop the most make things even more personal by creating an app specific for their users.

This app is FREE (though is exclusively for iPhone at this time).  Download it from the app store and either "sign in" as an existing order or "get started" as a new user.

Once your logged in (and your style profile is complete if you are a new user) add your picture!  Click on the bottom right "account" head button and from there add a picture yourself that you feel well represents you and your style so your stylist can know you even better.

What else is on the app... easy to navigate and update your profile, schedule your next fix and check it's progress, and is not easier then ever to leave notes and feedback to your stylist.  You can also share your referral code to your social media accounts with just one click. (and deal alert and reminder on this -- when someone schedules their first fix using your code, you get $25 credit!)

So to wrap up my public service announcement -- go download the Stitch Fix app, and if your've been waiting for a good time to finally try what you've heard everyone talking about, now is the time!