Keeping a low profile with your kid's highchair

We work really hard now that we have two kids to not have our house scream "we are a kid house" when you walk into every room.  We don't like a lot of loud multi-colored crazy plastic baby gear.  We try to keep toys secluded to certain areas and are always on the lookout for classic and even natural toy choices.  Once thing we knew we definitely did NOT want is a giant plastic high chair with some sort of awful print vinyl seat.  Those things take up so much room and immediately draw attention to themselves.

One thing we always get questions about is our high chair.  We used it for Magnolia and now for Henry.  It is finished wood with removable plastic table shield and removable cotton plush cushion.  It also grows with the child.  You move the foot rest up and down and can also take out the center brace and use it as a chair against your dinning table.  It blends right in with our own table and chairs and can be easily collapsed and hidden out of site.  We even travel with it - and not just to grandmas for the weekend, but it is easy to throw in the car even for a quick dinner at friends' house.

We found this highchair way on sale at Bargain Hunt!  Super score.  Every time I go to Bargain Hunt I keep my eyes open for more.  Even if I don't need another one, I'd love to snag for a friend.  But whether you can find one on discount or not, wooden low profile high chairs are something I think worth the money and both you and baby will love it.

If you don't have a discount store near you can browse Tesco online for several wooden high chair options.