stitch fix for fall

Stitch Fix Adelise Knit TopStitch Fix Kut From The Kloth Chrissy Flare JeansStitch Fix Denim

First things first,... if someone wants to come edge my yard and sad my grass that'd be great.  okay thanks, moving on...

I haven't had a Stitch Fix nearly all summer.  Time got away from me, and really, it's fall clothes that I love and once again, my SF stylist (hi Alex!!) delivered perfectly.

Stitch Fix pictured above:
Kut from the Kloth Chrissy Flare Jeans
RD Style Adelise Knit Top

Y'all, they get me.  And I was so excited to get to try some flare jeans (I'm keeping them).  They fit perfectly and are a great price.  I will say if anyone is curious for refrence, these are super long.  I'm 5'8" and I need to wear my big heals with them.  This pair from Kut from the Kloth is made exclusively for Stitch Fix.

What else was in my box:

Stitch Fix  Gilli Taneli DressStitch Fix  Skies are Blue Arnott Double Front Pocket TopStitch Fix  RD Style Jacoba Mixed Material Tee

Gilli Taneli Dress
Skies are Blue Arnott Double Front Pocket Top
RD Style Jacoba Mixed Material Tee

other outfit details:
sunglasses / round ray-bans

Since it's been a while, here is a run-down of how Stitch Fix works... 
First, fill out a (fun) style profile about your preferences on size, color, modesty level, price range, etc.  Next, schedule your "fix."  You can request specific items (like if you want to try the jeans from this post!) or you can give a general style note like "I need something casual for my girl's mountain weekend," and let your stylist set you up.  You pay $20 upfront when you fix is shipped.  

Each box comes to your door w/o shipping fees and contains 5 items.  Keep whatever you want and what you don't want goes back in a pre-paid mailer.  The original $20 you spent to schedule your fix goes towards whatever you choose to keep.  And double bonus, should you love and want to keep all five items, you get 25% off all of it.

If you haven't tried yet, or at least haven't signed in to fill out your personal style profile, now is the time.  Cause heres some info that I'm not even to shy too share with you,... for everyone you refer to try Stitch Fix, you get $25 credit!! Y'all that is FREE clothes.  So go sign up so you can get your own code to start earning some great new pieces for your wardrobe.    


  1. Would love to know what you kept and what you returned - besides the jeans. My opinion is that the first t-shirt looks great on you, as does the shift dress. The plaid top and the color blocked top were just not fantastic. It also helps to publish prices- good for readers and good for SF when readers pin for them. Thanks for posting.

    1. Hi Maggie! You picked right! I kept the jeans, green top, and dress!!
      I've never thought about including price but that is a good suggestion. I think the shirt was $48 and dress was $58. Jeans were $88. (Thankfully I had some SF credit!)


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