top: madewell
necklaces: via rocksbox (use code BLAIRBFF16 for free month!)
watch c/o JORD
sunglasses: ray-ban round
plaid via stitch fix

When David and I took our first solo outing after having Magnolia we ended up at the mall and each picked out a new watch.  Something cheesy sweet to remember the times we'd had as just the two of us and to look forward together in our new family a time.  Little pieces on our wrists to help remember how precious time is - to take things slow and cherish each minute.

Now in this more digital "smart phone always at your finger tips" era we find ourselves in, I haven't been reaching to put on my watch.  It's a shame really.  Because my phone certainly does not help me slow down and hold time as precious.  I was ready to cut back on my digital intake and find a classic time piece that would help me continue to slow and appreciate nowness.  Something without flashing bright pixels and excess information.  Just the time.  

But that of course doesn't mean my watch needed to be boring!  I've loved being introduced to JORD watches.  The aesthetics and quality of these beauties are amazing.  They score super high on the unique factor and I love the natural components of the wood.  They are super light and comfortable, something that I want to put on every morning.  I have a lot of fun telling people about the zebrawood it is made from (kinda feels like I'm telling them about my new Harry Potter-esq wand or something!).  You'll be sure to be seeing more of it around here... and, David and I may or may not be husband/wife-watch-twinning, so be on the look out for a "He Wears" post super soon.

You can find more of JORD on their website + instagram, my favorite way to follow is through the #jordwatch hashtag - love seeing these everyone else love their watches as much as I love mine.  
Womens Wooden Watches