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Almost two years ago I had my first experience with David Kind eyewear.  I had just had Henry and was facing a wardrobe filled of winter clothes that just "didn't quit fit yet."  I was also tired and juggling sleepless newborn nights and a feisty spunky two-year-old girl.  My tired eyes and fashion weren't quite my friends.

You can read my first post + review by clicking here, but basically what I found through working with David Kind is that eyeglasses fall into a really unique category of being both medical necessities and fashion pieces.  Good eyewear didn't only help my tired eyes, but they also gave a fresh pop of new style to my winter fashion blues.

Unlike other at home try-on kit glasses companies, what I appreciate about David Kind is their stylists.  When you make a (free) account to sign up for a try-on box, you upload pictures or connect to your Facebook profile.  A stylist then picks glasses for you based on your coloring, face shape, etc. You also have the opportunity to request specific glasses or give your stylist some ideas of what you are looking for.  I asked for big!

Because getting a home-try on is free and comes with no obligation, by (soon to be momma of two & photographer) friend Lindsy and I thought it would be fun to have a try-on party (even if it did include our boys running in and out from the backyard with various cries and shrills).  You can check out her first David Kind post by clicking here.

What you can't see by looking at my pictures is just how high of quality these frames are.  Also, since I already have a pair of David Kind glasses from a couple years ago, I can vouch for the quality of the lenses as well with trivex/high index hd digital lenses.  I really can tell a difference in the clarity and range of peripheral vision compared to other online order glasses I have worn.  Also, right up front the lenses are thin, anti-reflextion, and scratch resistant (something you have to pay extra for with other companies).   

Lindsy and I both found a pair we are super excited to add our perscriptions to.  Return shipping of our boxes was free and we can expect our prescription glasses in as fast as 5-10 business days!  Ah! I'm so excited.  Check back in a couple weeks to see which pairs we each picked.

You can check out and learn more about David Kind on their website.  You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.  (They've also been featured in   InStyle, What Wall Street Journal, & Bloomberg!)


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