beach with kiddos - must haves

1.  an honest to goodness thermos.  keep their drink cold and seal it from sand.  this Dash 12oz vacuum insulated straw drink bottle from zoli literally buys you hours of ice cool drinks for your little. (I'm kinda jealous and want a thermos this good for myself!)  -- also, a variety of snacks is of course needed so I'm in love with this snack stack that you can also find from zoli.

2.  I can get really stressed out about chasing trash around the beach.  love love LOVE these reusable snack and everything bags from Itzy Ritzy.  all sorts of different patterns.  the kids loved having their own bags.  perfect from frozen grape treats.

3.  this is obvious.  good sunscreen! - and since we are talking kids we especially want good coverage without extra harsh chemicals and fragrances.
The Broad Spectrum SPF 30 baby sunscreen from baby pibu hits the mark.
We also packed the hydrating ointment from pibu to treat after sun and sand.  We first started using this lotion after our trip to the California dessert when M's skin was screaming every night from the pool and dry dry air.  The first time we used it home in Nashville she said to me "momma! next time we go to the desert we should bring this lotion!"

4.  a BIG towel made of a quick drying fabric -- like this Ehiopian cotton beach blanket from fashionABLE.

5.  a kid classic.  if you want shoes that say on while they run through the sand, you can't go wrong with these salt water style sun-san surfer sandals.  My tip?  Skip the pink's and purple's and go with a neutral gender color.  These buddies last forever so if you have multiples, make sure they are a color you can hand down.

6.  don't forget the lips!! love Rodan + Fields Essential Lip Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 25.  Smells yummy and your kids will love putting it on.  Boys and girls.

7.  Indestructibles.  These books can't be torn. They are waterproof and can even be put in the laundry.

8.  Okay, so this isn't for the sand and ocean, but it's for travel.  I was so happy I let M "pack herself." And by "pack herself" I mean she packed all her most important toys.  It kept her happy for our breaks from the beach to know she had her own go-to items.  This Adventure Happens rolling suitcase from Itzy Ritzy was perfect.  (it was also nice to let her carry her own weight *wink face*)

9.  Rash Guard.  I have really pale skin.  If anyone has paler skin than I it's my precious Henry.  For that baby skin so sensitive and sweet, and extra layer of sun and sand protection was the name of our game.

10.  What's your kid beach essential???


  1. That suitcase really is just adorable.

  2. Oh yes, the suitcase really looks cute. I also do adore that rash guard. My son would definitely love it. Thanks so much for that great post!

    Best wishes, Susan


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