wear what you love -- even at the beach

sunglasses - ray ban round
earrings - noonday collection

Well.  hm.  Putting bathing suit pictures on my blog was not something I had planned on.  Clearly -- I'm not a swimsuit model.  But because I love to preach that women should wear what they love and be confident in it no matter what, I thought it was time to put the money where my mouth is.  Cause here's the thing... I know not everyone wants bright floral high waist bikini bottoms and I also know that I don't have the same body I had 10 years ago.  But that doesn't matter.  I found a modest fun bathing suit, and why shouldn't I rock it if I want to or why should I hide in "mom beach attire."

And why do we even have to label things anyway.  Calling pants "mom jeans" or your new short do a "mom cut?"  As if being a mom is a derogatory label.  Why do we have to conform after having children?  I think its actually all the more reason to step out in boldness and teach our children to love themselves and be proud of their individual style and personality.  Do I wear "mom jeans?"  No -- I wear "me jeans."  The kind I want and love at any given time.  My mom wore bright floral leggings when I was in high school (long before leggings and bright and floral was "cool") and it's one of my favorite things about her and her effortless example of loving yourself and ignoring conformity.  So moms, let's reclaim "mom" when it comes to labeling what we wear!

On a completely practical note, I do love this suit.  It's sold as separates through Shabby Apple.  The tie on the top is great for keeping things in place while playing with kids, but I also at times tied it around my back instead of neck when I was just out to get sun.  Both of these are great to mix and match with other tops and bottoms you already have.

And my poncho?  You'll be seeing more of it.  It's from Jigsaw and a new spring/summer staple favorite of mine.  Far from just something to wear to the beach.  Find more of jigsaw on instagram + twitter @jigsawsays.


  1. Oh you are looking so beautiful! As always, but just like a beach goddess.

  2. I love those swim bottoms! The high waist reminds me of 50's pinup girls not mom jeans. Very glamorous :)


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