weekend wear

top c/o Conversation Pieces
jeans / target
earrings via rocksbox
birks from eBay!
magnolia's pout? totally fake.

A recent Magnolia story:

My mom was in town and we all piled into the volvo wagon together to head to church.  I gave my mom the front seat and I squeezed between the carseats.  Magnolia was a tad worried that my mom was throwing off the norm because "that's momma's seat!" and began to question my momma as to why she would dare mess up the routine.

Magnolia:  Why are you sitting there? My momma sits next to daddy!
My Mom: (jokingly) So I can sit here and hold his hand.
Magnolia: (astounded and very emphatic)  You can't!!!  Mommy and Daddy are in LOVE!!...
... (5 minutes into the car ride she interjects)... And they still kiss!

Thanks for defending our marriage little one.


  1. What a sweet frame of mind Magnolia has!

  2. Birks! Totally thrilled those are back in style :) I'm up to 3 pairs now! The best mama sandals EVER!

  3. Such happy looking pictures of y'all! Love your daughter's sandals!



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