Unboxing RocksBox + Stitch Fix

Thought I'd try something a bit different this time and do a quick video post to show off my latest Stitch Fix box, but also share with you a new kind of mail for you to fall in love with! Introducing RocksBox!! In a lot of ways it is similar to Stitch Fix, but with some fun twists that you jewelry lovers are gonna flip over!

RocksBox is a fun mail subscription that is all jewelry.  You sign up for subscriptions in one month intervals (or longer) for $19 a month.  As soon as you sign up, they ship you a box of three jewelry items.  HERE is where it is different than Stitch Fix -- keep you items as long as you want, on loan, within the length of your subscription.  OR, send it all back and they will send you another box with new items right away!  Kinda like Netflix - you can keep sending it in and trading it out.  (If you fall in love, you can also purchase the items).

Similar to SF, you build a style profile and can request items.  When you don't like an item they sent, make sure you give detail feedback so they can keep perfecting their understanding of your style. (check out my jewelry pin board).

How fun is that?!
You know what is WAY fun? -- Trying it FREE for a month!! 
Use this link for & code wildandpreciousxoxo to try this out for yourself!

(100% no obligation to purchase & my friends at RocksBox are so like me as in they know how much it Stinks to forget to cancel a subscription on a time, and they are so sensitive to cancel your subscription for you automatic at the end of you gift month).

So, if you're skipping the video, here is what was in my box...

Beverly Lace Detail Blouse by Daniel Rainn
Kinley Anorak Jacket by Andrew Marc
Bahari Sleeveless Abstract Print Chiffon Dress by Pink Martini
Moss V Neck Pleated Dress by C.Luce
Mitzi Distressed Boyfriend Jeans by DL1961

via  @bisousbrittany

Knox Pave Bar Necklace by Gorjana
Marquis Ring in Green Onyx by Margaret Elizabeth
Pave Triangle Earrings by Slate

So much GREAT MAIL!!
And y'all, don't forget -- free month of RocksBox w/ code wildandpreciousxoxo! (Go do it!)