When people ask what my day to day routine looks like, I kind of shrink back a bit.  Because it is different EVERY day.  Full time wife + mom, full time middle school youth ministry, and throw in a good handful of other full-time and part-time gigs including blogging + social media, exercising, and trying to keep my house clean.  

I do have an office.  But, honestly, I nearly never work there.  I'm over here and over there.  Spending a couple hours at a coffee shop after school drop off,  writing Sunday school lessons from the couch, keeping up with middle schoolers via their ever favorite social media platforms during naps, sometimes sitting on legos and drinking my now-turned-cold coffee while I scour the net for a good game to play at the next retreat.  Glamorous?  Perhaps not.  But, it's my little piece of perfect and I'm so thankful for it.  

When I am at home and I really have to grind out some "serious-attention-needed" work, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.  I'm a big believer that when you have the right supplies you will work better.  It's like when new runners need motivation to get up early for their first 5 miler -- they might buy new shoes and some new happy leggings.  The gear gets you going sometimes right?  For me, and working, sometimes I need to go grab my favorite Mexican blanket, a yummy candle, my favorite pens, and favorite coffee mug.  It might take an extra minute to round everything up, but I'll work so much more efficiently, even if I am home on the couch sitting on a leggo.  So even if I'm not in a beautifully designed all white walled with Anthropologie accessories and perfect mid-century modern furniture and zero noise, wherever i'm working, I can work from my happy place.  

HP Stream is a new kind of tablet with Intel Inside® and I was quick to jump at the opportunity to add the 7" tablet to my go-to happy work place items.  The size is great for on-the-go / go-anywhere needs.  Here are the real sellers of this tablet:
  1. Cloud Storage.  It's all there. 1TB Free Cloud storage for a year.  Please & thank you!
  2. Office 365 included out of the box for one year.  So you don't have to keep a list of "things to get down when I sit down at a computer." -- You can do your Excel, Powerpoint, Word, etc. work all right here on the go.
  3. Built in Intel processor.  Intel makes for super fast performance.
  4. I have the 7", but if you opt for the 8" you get 4G/no wi-fi necessary data right out of the box!

What are your happy place tricks and must haves?