Hostess Gift Guide ft. Apliiq & Conversation Pieces

inifinity scarf + fleece lined leggings // conversation pieces
carrie grace amersand necklace

You've heard of Hostess gifts... when you bring a little token gift for your host. Maybe it's some cocktail napkins, a bottle of wine, some hand lotion. You know what I'm talking about. But today, I'm talking hostess gifts as in gifts that you, the hostess, give. Why? Just for fun and in honor of my Grammie because one of my favorite memories of going to her house as a child was running straight back to my bed to find a gift laid out for me. 

I was so so incredibly excited to get to host three of my college girlfriends in Nashville last weekend. I even packed up and waved goodbye to the husband and kids (they headed to grandma's) so us girls could have the (very clean) house to ourselves. My girls were taking off work, and booking flights, and leaving behind family of their own, so I wanted to do something special for them. So my kind of "hostess" gifts it was.

We had plenty on our "itinerary" to do here in Nashville (Barista Parlor, 5 Points, Frothy Monkey and 12th South, Pinewood Social...), but I knew we would also just want to cuddle inside and be cozy together and have lots of time to chit chat.  Hence, I laid out a custom made sweatshirt from Apliiq (more one these later this week) and a pair of fleece lined leggings on each of their beds.

The next morning for breakfast, even though I had to force them to stop helping me get breakfast ready and literally make them go sit on the couch with their eyes closed, I placed chunky infinity scarves at their place setting.  I picked out a different color from Conversation Pieces for each of them that I felt best suited their style and set it next to their pumpkin smoothies and pour over coffee.

Y'all.  It tickled me so much to surprise them with these treats.  Little "thank yous" for making the journey my way and for making the effort to still invest in our friendship after all these years.  Such small tokens for such love!


  1. This is a wonderful always blesses the giver as much (or more) as the recipient. The fleece-lined leggings sound heavenly.

  2. I need some leggings like that STAT. annnnnd that sweatshirt too while I"m at it.


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