Gypsy Threads

kimono & hat c/o gypsy threads
jeans: Denizen for Levi
clutch & bracelets: fashionABLE
watch: fossil

Three quick style tips for you today =

1.  If you want add some bohemian or vintage feel clothing to your wardrobe -- go check out Gypsy Threads.  They have some great new Autumn arrivals.  Lots to keep you warm and keep you looking snappy! (and I've loved their customer service & quick shipping!).
2.  People say to me "I just don't know how to wear a hat...." To which I reply, "Well, you know what? The only thing you need to do to wear a hat, is to just pick it up and put it on your head!"  And I'm for serious.  If you want to wear a hat (or bright red lip stick) -- just do it people.  Put it on and go.  There isn't a "way" and if there was one, I'm probably doing it wrong anyway.  So if you want to wear a hat just put it on your head!
3.  I won a pair of jeans via an instgram giveaway.  They are Denizen for Levi and are actually sold only at target.  And you know what?  I love them!  And might even love them as much as my splurge pair of jeans.  They are $29ish but there is a denim sale and more discounts if you use the cartwheel app.

tips over.


  1. You look so stunning. I love the boho look on you- it fits your free spirit perfectly. I'd wear the entire thing, including the hat. Gorgeous.

  2. amazingly pretty this look..


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