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Electra Tone & Chain Pendant Necklace by Bay to Baubles
Sauna Embrodery Detail Open Cardigan by Ezra
Spacey Mixed Material Short Sleeve Top by Kensie
Freida Skinny Jean by Mavi
Sylvana Faux Leather Trip Plain Tunic by Sanctuary

Y'all.  I should have blogged this a while ago.  This stitch fix box was so fun!  I only ended up keeping the plaid tunic, but I loved some of the other pieces too.  The skinny jeans were perfection (I just already have like 3 pairs of black skinnies).  I also almost kept the open cardigan because it was so inexpensive and a great fall transitional piece.

I get another box in a couple weeks and have requested my favorite girl Margaret to style me in some "boho / free people-ish" fall attire.  Can't wait!

You can try out Stitch Fix for yourself here (it will have you fill out a fun style profile -- but that doesn't obligate you to set up a fix or pay anything).


  1. you are like a stitch fix queen hahah!!!! i need to order another box soon!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. You are singlehandedly making me want to join. Such cute choices!

  3. That plaid tunic is simply beautiful! I kept a plaid flannel that I got in my Stitch Fix this month and I love it. Have you also heard of/ tried Vain Pursuits? I think it's a similar personalization service but for skincare products where they send you products based on a profile you fill out. I'm not sure if it's good but it seems like another cute and convenient service that I might just have to add on top of Stitch Fix :)

  4. Your SF items are spot on my style and so great! Do you request the same stylist (Margaret) every time? I'm on my third Fix and it's been pretty hit and miss so far...

    1. Hi Ryan! I do. Love her. But she has changed positions at stitch fix and is no longer styling. But you could mention in your style notes that you like the way margret has styled me and they can try to match you to someone similar.
      Sorry you haven't loved so far. Be brutally honest when you review items. And send specific link of items you want.


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