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Freida Skinny Jean by Mavi (via Stitch Fix)Sylvana Fuax Leather Trim Plaid Tunic from Sanctuary (via Stitch Fix)fashionABLE leather tote -- gives sustainable business to women in AfricaNoonday Collection Tierdrop Necklace
hat: nordstroms
skinnies: Freida Skinny Jean by Mavi -- via Stitch Fix
blouse: Sylvana Fuax leather trim plaid tunic by Sanctuary  -- via Stitch Fix
necklace: tier drop necklace c/o Noonday Collection
statement ring: karen london

I could not be more excited to introduce you to my new black bag from fashionABLE.  If you see my in person of have seen an outfit post on here, you've probably seen my lovingly rocking my leather clutch.  Well, they have expanded their leather line and now have more color choices for the clutch, large totes, and even some wrap bracelets.  And of course, they are always adding new scarf designs!

This tote is the perfect cary-all.  First of all.  It smells amazing.  The stitching is impeccable.  It is sturdy and indestructible.  I started using it right away as my work bag, in which I carry my computer, charger, clutch, Bible, calendar, stationary, and a few study books.  What you can't see in this picture is one of my favorite features, a mini snap pouch that is attached to the strap and hangs inside -- SO... you don't have to dig around in the bag for your keys/phone/lipgloss -- put them in the mini pouch, pull up the cord and they are instantly yours without fishing (but seriously, that is a huge pet peeve of mine).

What else you can't see looking at these pictures???  The lives that were changed by it's creation & purchase!  fashionABLE provides sustainable business to vulnerable women in Africa, creating long lasting solutions in the fight against poverty.


use code BLAIRITA for 10% off your ENTIRE fashionABLE purchase (+ get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $80)


make sure to follow fashionABLE on Facebook to stay up to date on promotions, new items added to the shop, and giveaways!... for instance, a little bird told me there is a huge... HUGE (can I stress HHHUUGEE) giveaway coming up very soon.  So follow on Facebook to be in the loop.



  1. What a cute fallish outfit!


  2. ohhh i LOVE that tote!! i have a similar madewell one and use it all the time!!! looking great mama!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. That tote is awesome! And what a great cause too! I've been looking for a good sized work bag to haul all of my stuff in...I really carry too much, but I need it allll, right? :) The weather here just won't get cool enough for fall attire yet, but I am so ready and this outfit is awesome inspiration!

  4. The leather is such a great piece for fall. Love your fashions and leather as well as all - just adorable!


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