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Surprised by Stitch Fix

Athens Floral Print Henley Top by Fun2Fun
Bellatrix Embroidered Detail Dress by Ark n Co
Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean by Kut From the Kloth
Cosco Floral Print Crochet Detail Tank by Collective Concepts
Sansa Lace Detail Kimono by Ark n Co

This rarely ever happens, but due to busy summer of youth group activities and travels, I was surprised by a stitch fix box at my door!! I forgot that I had one scheduled -- I didn't even make any requests and they sent me some great stuff (I really feel like they know me!).  You can guess, it was a much welcomed surprise.

But some help please! Shop with me like my mom would have me do -- make three piles: Definite, Maybe, and No Thank you.  What goes in what pile?

>> like these items? sign up for Stitch Fix and request them by name in your first fix! <<


  1. I have to say, I've seen a lot of posts about Stitch Fix and never wanted to try it, but all the clothes in your fix make me want to!!! I love the dress!! p.s. I'm not sure I've ever said hello before, so hello! I didn't want to continue to silently stalk your blog!

  2. These are fun! I'd say maybe to 1, no to 2, and yes to 3 & 4 ! My favorite is the back on 3!

  3. I love 4! So sweet! 1 &3 are cute, but 2 makes you look like a teenager... not that that's a bad thing :) Is stitch fix expensive? I'm in the process of losing weight and can finally participate in sites this this. But I'm not sure if my budget allows for it...

  4. KIMONO! Love it and such a versatile color with perfect details :)

  5. I think you should keep all of it!

    I forget my friend is a head designer at Stitch Fix. I should probably act on that haha

  6. No to the first and last, but yes to the middle two!

  7. Golly! I would want to keep them all!! So cute!!

  8. Well, if you weren't so cute in all of them that would be an easy task. But, I say, all of them! Best of luck!

  9. 1 & 4-maybe 3-YES and 2-Would be super cute with black or red skinnies or leggings-just` saying :)``

  10. These looks are super cute on you, Blair! Have a Wonderful Weekend ahead! :)

  11. Gees, I think it's all awesome. Kut jeans are the best. If anything, the dress wouldn't be me and I rarely wear dresses, but it probably comes favorable to keep the whole box at that point! Great fix!

  12. I got that white gauzy dress with the embroidery too. I love it except that I don't like that it has to be dry cleaned.


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