i turned 30

Finally sharing a small handful of pictures from my 30th birthday party.  One of the sweetest nights ever.  A small gathering of friends who I am so thankful for and who love me so well.  It wasn't a surprise party, but the night was full of delightful surprises.  David worked so hard to make it absolutely perfect -- from the twinkling lights, to the food, to the ending dance party.  It was so delightful.

I was completely humbled by the toasts.  SO much of my favorite songs, poems, scripture read to me -- from a recital of Hanson's mmBop, to John Keats, to Horse & His Boy, my favorite memoir, fascinating facts from 1984, and a dear friend playing Come Thou Fount on her fiddle.  I laughed and cried surrounded by dear friends, a community of God's people pouring out His love on me.

Thankful and blessed.

((dress Urban Outfitters // floral headband - the felt flower shop))


  1. Those backyard lights are BEAUTIFUL. This looks like such a perfect night, and that's lovely how your friends delivered toasts. (: Sounds like a wonderful birthday celebration.

    Happy belated!

    Jenny @ Coffee & Honeycomb

  2. such a cute birthday! looks and sounds like a lot of fun was had! Enjoy 30! :) <3 congrats!

  3. That is beyond amazing :) You are one blessed and loved mama, that's for sure

  4. glad you had such a sweet party! and yep, you sure did rock that flower crown. ;)


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