M Favorites

Oh! Sweet Magnolia.  This girl.  What to say about her?  She is crazy fun.  Sometimes just crazy.  But always beautiful and always so dearly loved.

Some of her favorite things, or as she calls them, her "fwavwittes."

-- A dollar bin calculator that she calls "her game."  She sleeps with it and takes it places.  She pushes the numbers and gets you to play too and tells you when you win.  I haven't figured out the rules yet.

-- Her "Garbie."  This is a Barbie of mine that I found in the attic.  She really knows nothing of Barbies except for the one from Toy Story.  This is another toy that gets slept with and taken places.  

--  She is more and more into reading.  She asks us at any time of day to read to her.  Her go-to books change weekly, but right now she is into If You Give a Pig a Pancake and this awesome book David found from a library sales years ago, Apricot ABC.  She also has started "reading" with us.  She has whole pages memorized and so will tell us what it says next!

--  Her backpack.  We gave it to her for her bday last year and she has been obsessed ever since.  If you tell her we are getting ready to leave for somewhere she will often times turn heel to her room and yell over her shoulder "ok! I got to go pack!"  And off she will go to fill her backpack.  She is also obsessed with bags in general.  We don't leave the house without some sort of bag or purse or multiple...

--  As far as food goes, she still loves raisins and nuts.  She requests yogurt a lot.  "Smoozmies"/Smoothies are a big girl things that she gets super excited about.  She is still a great eater.  She eats what we eat.  Loves green things and meat.  What she doesn't like? -- Macaroni and Cheese.  I'm not even joking.  She hates it!

--  "Bible School."  VBS is this week and she is so excited that she is going to school!  She found her little white Bible and has insisted on bringing it to Church.  She does start school in a few months and has been so excited about that we have had to plead with her to take a break from talking about.

--  Pretending.  We spend a lot of time as kitty cats or in role reversal where I'm baby and she is mommy.  She is always taking care of a baby doll.  She loves dressing up.

-- Time on "big bed."  Jumping.  Twirling. Wrestling.  I love when she asks brother to jump in with her.

-- And this girl would watch tv all day if we let her.  We've been working really hard to limit her time infront of the ipad, but sometimes it just has to happen.  Hands down favorite is Doc McStuffins.

Hard to stop on this... especially because David just walked in and I asked him what I should add and a whole list of things just flowed out of his mouth.... 

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  1. Ha! I'd love to hear what he has to say!

    She's just simply adorable.

  2. She is SO CUTE. & SO FUNNY! Liam doesn't like mac'n cheese either. What a couple of weirdos.

  3. How cute!! Love that she likes both math and reading!

  4. Love them even when they have a meltdown.

  5. Awe so cute.. She likes traveling ..:)

  6. Don't let anyone tell you your doing it wrong. You do it your way!


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