boho stitch fix

In my fix:
Mauna Mixed Print Sheer Open Cardigan by Papermoon
Crissy Spacedye Cross-Back Knit shirt by Papermoon
Gloria Colorblock & Abstract Print Hi-Lo Tank by THML
Audry Lace Fit & Flare Dress by Mystree
(non pictured) Emma Small V Charm Necklace by Gorjana

Y'all.  I asked for boho casual chic tops and specifically asked for a white/beige crochet/lace type dress.  My girl Layla delivered.  Love what she put in my box.  For sure keeping the kimono.  Tempted on both the tops but do wish the knit shirt was a bit roomier.  Not as in love with the dress as I hoped to be.  What you thinking? Help me out.

Two notes about Stitch Fix I may not have mentioned before that make your fixes even better.

1.  You can request a stylist.  I have never done this before.  In fact, I had never even thought of it or knew could.  But turns out you can.  So if you get a fix and you are like "She gets me!!," you can request her again.  Like Layla.  I think this might be the first time she is styled me and I think she did great.  I've also had Margaret a good bit and my goodness... I wish I had kept better track of who I've had on my favorite fixes.  But if you like someone, let them know.  Ask for them again.  Continuity will help you and your stylist understand what your going for.

2.  I've had a couple people ask me in person and/or email me this "I've tried Stitch Fix a couple times and it is just not working.  What do I do?" --  First, know that I am 100% sure stitch fix hates this fact for/with you.  They obviously want to get it right for you.  If you are already being accurate about your style on your personal profile and you are giving back specific feedback on your online return form and you still feel stuck, email them.  Send them an email at and explain (nicely please) where/why you are feeling confused and/or frustrated by the items arriving in your box.  Start a back and forth dialogue with them.  I think you will find it beneficial.  I actually did this pretty early in after receiving a few items that I was just like, "ummm??? no!" -- we got things turned around, they helped me re-fill out my style profile to better fit my needs and desires, and well... this is fix #21!


  1. I've always wanted a personal stylist, I don't know why it's taken me so long to get in touch with them. All these pieces are beautiful on you!

  2. Love the white knit dress, it's super cute!

  3. Keep the kimono and loved that orange and navy top too! The white dress is cute but lacks some personality. I don't think it's quite Blairtastic enough :) Hope you're enjoying your thirties! I love mine!

  4. i can't believe you are on stitch fix 21!!! dang girl haha!! i love that first cardi and tank from this one!!!
    Sandy a la Mode

  5. I got that Kimono in my last fix and I am obsessed!


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