one dress two ways

ivanka trump pumps / steve madden peep toe booties
bracelets: Stitch Fix, rings: Hey Rooster
(all photos by LMRphotos)

Yesterday was a cooler day in Nashville.  Isn't it always that we beg for warmer weather just so we can complain about it being too hot.  And when we get relief from the warm, we complain about the cold.  Such fickle hearts.

A few things of note about these pics.  
1. My hair is wet and unbrushed.  boom.  that's how I roll most days.  
2.  Lindsy (who took these pics) mentioned she forgot to put lotion on her legs -- I one upped her and let her know I forgot to shave.  boom.  also how I roll.  
3. After these pictures I changed my clothes to jeans & aT in the car so we could go to what Magnolia calls the "dirty park," which is a nature park of dirt, sand, sticks, and in yesterday's case -- mud.

AND... I accidentally went shopping yesterday, so to make room in my closet (honestly, I only bought one thing, but it was unplanned) and to make amends with my wallet, I did a spur-or-the-moment instagram sale last night.  There are still a few things left.


  1. Happy weekend! You look beautiful and I love your dress :)

  2. Your non-fussy hair makes each of your outfits feel effortless and relaxed.


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