Like I said in my last post... I'm about to turn 30.  And while I do still hold that I am becoming newer, not older, my skin has some new "features" lets call them.  Some new hyper pigmentation areas (thank you pregnancies), a few fine lines, and lets be real -- still some breakouts here and there.  

I started using bareMinerals make up years ago.  It's my favorite because its light, never oily, and always has spf.  I know my colors.  I love going into the store to talk about "whats new" or about the new summer color.  When it comes to bareMinerals I'm all in, and have been for a while.  So when I found out that the "new" thing was the bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation, I was ready to sign up.  A brighter face with more even skin tone = a younger (more awake) looking face.  

When I started using bareMinerals for foundation I thought I had (gladly) said bye to liquid for forever [insert bad nightmare of early high school with wrong colored foundation build up on your jaw line]!  So, if it wasn't bareMinerals, I might have been hesitant to try this.  But since I know they stick with the "less is more" philosophy and they haven't steered me wrong yet, I knew this liquid would be different than others.  

Mineral and antioxidant infused it is actually good for your skin.  And again -- got to mention the spf!  They've left it with the minimum necessities with no oils, silicone, or fragrance that create build up and irritate the skin.  I've been wearing it for a week and have enjoyed a true bare skin feeling.  I'm almost slightly confused why they made this, because I love the sheer coverage so much I almost nearly don't even need their under-eye cream or concealer -- less for me to purchase.  Ha!

Picture on the left is Before (no make up) -- on the right is after using bareSkin brightening serum.  I used two drops into the center of my skin perfecting brush and just brushed around in circles for about 15 seconds.  It took away redness in my cheeks, darkness under my eye and gave me an overall brighter look.  I have (obviously) very fair skin.  The serum choices (there are 20 different shades for all skin types), since they are meant to even out your tone, come based on the shade of your skin + what kind of undertones you have, i.e. cool, golden, or neutral.  I'm fair and neutral -- my serum shade is Bare Linen 03.

This bareSkin foundation just became available May 1st and is $29 for the bottle.  But two drops people! -- thats all it takes for basic coverage, so it's gonna last a while.  I call this a way good deal.  I do suggest also getting the brush.  Some crazy scientist must have invented it as it magically spreads two tiny drops evenly across your whole face.  The brush is $28.  You can buy the brush and bareSkin at any bareMinerals store, Sephora, Macy's, Ulta, and even on Amazon.

this is a sponsored post by bareMinerals.  all opinions are my own.
thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.


  1. I've seen several blog posts on their new foundation! Do you like it more than the original? For summer? I am actually heading there today to check it out!

    1. I do so far!! Use a little mineral veil it's even better! Will be great with all the skin shades summer brings.

  2. I like this, I'm not a fan of foundation and all that, because it clogs up my skin and I like simple, I need to try this.

  3. I really need to try this! It sounds just my speed. I really don't like makeup too much, but I love easy fresh looking skin. Thanks for the recommendation


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