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Fun turning the tables on David and taking "outfit" pics of him.  David has a handful of basics in his wardrobe he loves.  White vnecks for when working around the house or running to the art or hardware store.  A handful of rotating plaid short sleeve button downs.  And slim leg pants or shorts.  And Nau.  He is obsessed with his Nau coats -- as in plural.  He's gone a bit retro with his hair and I love it (And... to pat myself on the back, I gave him this haircut).  And of course he loved getting to pick out some retro styled Ray-Bans c/o sunglassesshop.com.  

We've both really enjoyed browsing this shop and picking out frames (here's a post from last year & frames I picked) -- all sorts of classic and trendy frames at a full range of price points.  They've been super great to work with too.  And guess what?? STAY TUNED later this month for a RAY-BANS GIVEAWAY!  For you to pick out a pair for you or a dude in your life.

What about you? What kind of "guy style" do you like most?  What is your favorite pair of sunglasses?

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  1. You cut his hair?! WHAT?! You are a rockstar. For realz.


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