hat: billabong c/o surfdome  ||  kimono: target
black skinnies & bangles via stitch fix  ||  bag c/o spartina 449
bead necklaces: noonday collection  ||  arrow necklace: stella + dot

So, y'all might have noticed that I've decided to jump onto the big hat wagon.  I decided it was time.  There are so many cute styles out there -- and coming from Nashville, please know I'm not talking about cowboy hats... the only place you'll find anyone in a cowboy hat in Nashville is on set of ABC's  show Nashville or on a tourist downtown waiting in line for open mic night at tootsies.  However, you will see a good bit of wide-brim hats, felt hats, bowlers, panama hats, there are a good bit of hat inspiration.

I wore hat yesterday when the gorgeous Nat came to visit and we had morning jo together at Barista Parlor.  It was raining (hence picture number two -- that would be me dancing in the rain) and I said out loud "hey, hats are functional!" has my hair was shielded from the rain (duh).  Anywhoo, I then kinda had a flashback to Charles Ingles on Little House on the Prairie in his brown hat & then when I got home I got all hat nerdy and googled the history of hats (y'all -- i'm weird).  So some random bits of the history of hats for you...did you know that there's a depiction of a hat in the Thebes Tomb that dates back to 3200 bc., or there's a type called a Pork Pie hat, OR did you know that there is a patron saint of hat makers?  I mean.  Hats are a big deal y'all, so put one on your head!  Don't ask if "it goes" with your outfit or if you "can pull it off."  Just go with it!


  1. Oh, I love hats. I was dying in the sun yesterday and had to buy one. They're just the perfect accessory. I do love this one on you. Frames your beautiful face wonderfully.

  2. Such a super hat on you! Love it! Visiting via Style Sessions, P x

  3. Love the hat! I seem to need one this spring,living in the carolinas. THe pretty floral print looks very nice.
    from the link up
    please stop by

  4. You look adorable, and these photos are so fun and playful. Your personality shines through them! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  5. Target never fails to come through! I love this kimono!! Also total side note, love your graphics!



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