hand-me-down treasures

Two of my loves enjoying tea.  We should call it warm sweet peppermint and cream tea (like candy).  I was headed out to work yesterday and spotted David setting it up -- I just had to stay behind a few extra minutes to grab some photos.  

The tiny white porcelin tea cups + saucers where mine when I was young elementry school.  I recently gave Magnolia a handful of my old toys that I treasured when I was little.  Part of me was nervous to go ahead and give them to her -- she is younger than I was when I had them.  But when I watched how happy and excited she was, knowing they were mommy's treasures, I knew I had not made a bad choice.  

Hand-me-down treasures are the best kids of treasures.  The blue tea set pieces?  They were my Grammie's and now my family and I proudly treasure them together in her honor.  There are no price tags for such things.


  1. aaawwwww!! this is so sweet!! that 3rd photo with her teeny tiny hands holding that teeny tiny cup + saucer!! my heart melts!! xoxoxo

  2. This is a perfectly beautiful, artistic, loving, and sweet post to remember these moments. So much in here, Blair.

  3. Digging those chairs. And sweet M, of course.

  4. Oh my goodness I just can't get enough of this whole scene. So glad you stayed behind to photograph!

  5. did u take these photos!??!?! i love love love them sooo much!!

    Sandy a la Mode


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